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A revolutionary invention in the world of boxing!

The first Evnik1 model surprised not only boxers, but also athletes and coaches of other sports. For the first time, it became possible to train your speed, explosive strength of muscles, increase the elastic strength of tendons so quickly and effectively.

Over the course of seven years, I have received feedback from customers, learning different stories of use, of the first Evnik1 model. For example, I learned that in America, neurologists treat various nervous diseases using the Evnik method. This and other equally amazing stories helped our team focus on creating an even more incredible Evnik model.

I am proud to present to you the improved, patented model "EVNIK-EDL3500"!

The model has 5 unique modes of operation. Evnik, creates +3500% kinetic energy. Quickly, with each punch, increasing the load by more than 25Lbs.

Plus 3500% (dynamic, plyometric, ballistic load), on the muscles, tendons and nervous system - this is a world record! There is no similar sports invention in the world that can increase kinetic energy by 3500% and be effectively used in shadow boxing. For this reason, the numbers "3500" entered the name of Evnik's invention. I am sure this is a historic moment for the entire world of sport.

Please share your thoughts and feelings with us. My family has been working on this project for 7 years. Your comments are very important to us.


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