The first training with Evnik, must be unforgettable!

We continue to get requests for a change of the selected color. Of course, we understand you, now, when you see how look like Evnik simulators, you'll want to choose a color you liked. We are happy to make it for you. The first training with Evnik, must be unforgettable!!! Write us a letter with the request to change the color of the simulator to the other, and we will correct your order.

Now we hold in our hands the real simulators

We are overwhelmed with emotions. We just keep looking at our simulators, it never be enough. The colors are very bright and saturated. Earlier we trained only with prototypes, and now we hold in our hands the real simulators - new simulators encourage us to make even greater speed records!

We are pleased to start sending simulators soon

Dear Friends! The long-awaited simulators are in stock, we just recently unloaded the first batch of simulators! The second batch of simulators we expect within 7 - 10 days (сustom service delay). We are pleased to start sending simulators soon. As you can see in the photo, simulators are amazing!!!

As women's initiative, desire and labor, could affect the world of sports and the whole evolutio

I was approached by administrator of Feminists Public - Anastasia (group V.D. ) requesting for an interview. Here is an excerpt of her first letter: « Hello! I lead a group dedicated to women's power, the Amazons, warrior, etc. The group is small, it is not the media, and not an organization, but I plan to promote our ideas to the masses:) I was wondering, if I could have an interview with you, youк opinion as coach, father of strong and beautiful daughters, and as a MMA specialist, it would be very interesting for our group? Thank you We have written about you a little bit in the past, and the material was very interesting for our audience :)» Many of us c

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