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The world rolling out the film with the participation of "the fastest boxer's girl" fr

Evnika Saadvakass - a native of Kazakhstan. With family now lives in Russia. The other day a young athlete became a member of the show "Best of all", where she met with a professional boxer Nikolai Valuev. Live program girl boxer dealt a blow to the 221 punching bag in 30 seconds, breaking his previous record - 206 strokes. correspondent managed to find Rustam Saadvakass, Evnika's father, the girls who became the star of the Internet after the video on YouTube.

Why do Evnika's parents decided to teach her boxing, why the style of the young athletes is considered phenomenal and why she boxed with birches, said in an interview to Rustam Saadvakass.

Why did you choose to teach Evnika boxing?

In my understanding, boxing is a great assistant for life, which would be glad to any of us. Of course, if we do not make you think about the work to be done to develop the skills of boxing. I see a boxing training system as a perfect human system of education, in terms of physical, mental, psychological and social development of the individual, especially children. I just do not want my children to other development, my children, and boxing is a unified whole.

People often think that boxing is my response to the aggression of the modern world, but it is not. Of course, boxing as a martial art gives my children extra protection. I have five daughters, and I have something to worry about. But my choice in the direction of boxing, was formed within a few decades, I have tried to adapt the exercise of the "hard" of the sport, with its loads for my young children, thus excluding any injuries and even minuscule risks. At that time, I did not know what will come in the way of my research, I just felt all the hidden potential in the sport. But now, when passed the most difficult way of formation of the foundations of a system of training, I certainly believe that soon, many parents want their children to like Evnika, by the age of six, could have such outstanding athletic skills.

What people are talking about it?

Let me answer this question with the words of people who express their thoughts discussing Evnika’s boxing . We recently read an article where journalists named Evnika, the "Queen of strikes", in the article was written that Evnika’s boxing is phenomenal; on one of the news channels in the United States said, - "Evnika - you're a rock star." But the more unexpected things can be found in a review, here are some of them: "Look, she's a witch"; "She is a lightning"; "Evnika- is the evolution of man in boxing"; " Her boxing is just incredible." Evnika ‘s boxing admires Iron Mike Tyson himself, about Evnika wrote words of admiration Ronda Rousey, Evnika admired by president of UFC Dana White and many others.

Despite a favorable opinion of her box, from the world-famous personalities, I think there will always be those who do not understand her, boxing, because everything that makes Evnika, looks very unusual and quite unconventional. Many experts, accustomed to see boxing, in the framework of development and achievements, to which boxing has evolved today. But, as the art of boxing, as once people open system, the most effective movements with her hands, body, legs and head, still continues to evolve and change.

I often write letters requesting information, the name of the style in which my children are boxing, people feel that this is something new. Opening of a new style in modern boxing, which would have seemed to know everything, of course fabulous value event, but perhaps in this case, we are talking not about the style, and the new concept of martial arts. Time will have to see what Evnika will show in the future, I do not want to jump the gun. A lot of work in order to understand exactly what shows us Evnika and what changes in the sport this may cause.

What do you think about this?

I believe that Evnika is more than just a talented person, she has incredible charisma, it feels when you look at her, she's very perceptive.Just imagine, on conservative estimates, Evnika with her incendiary performances, led the parents to send their child to the sport or by the workout, whiter than a million people around the world. Is this her ability to be less important than her talent to box ?! Perhaps many people do not realize that what I'm saying, but every day I see people just go crazy when they look at Evnika. Hundreds of children around the world save money to fly to Evnika to visit her in order to simply practice together. We have dozens of invitations from all over the world, from sports clubs, organizations, studios, etc., with the request that we came to visit for a few days, and this is all in addition to the commercial invitations.

For the world, a phenomenon like Evnika, an incredible event, to be honest, I do not quite know what to think about her talent. I have in this respect a little experience, you need to learn how those or other outstanding people reacted to their fans and international media at the time of their creative dawn to compare with what is happening around Evnika.

Who do you see Evnika in the future? World champion in the women's professional boxing?

I taught Evnika to strike, to defend herself, think like a boxer thinks, but to become a boxer, she must decide to be. Boxer as well as any other athlete can win all the time, but did not become a great, if he is to treat his work as a craft. For this success, boxing has to be her vocation, a matter of life, to cause passion and desire to improve. For this reason, I am not encouraging myself plans regarding her professional career, I'm waiting for solutions mostly from Evnika. Nothing is better stimulate the victories as their own desire to win.

After evening training. From left to right. Anzha the eldest child in the family – 17 years old, Adelaide – in gloves, Evnika, Selyavira and Rush, hugging all together with their father – coach Rustam Saadvakass.

In one of the videos Evnika boxing on birches ...

In the beginning, I came to a simple idea, to hit the side of the tree without touching it. This is an exercise on precision, no one was going to break the trees. But Evnika always tried to hit the tree stronger, gradually gaining increasing excitement and power punches.

Evnika woodwork herself felt able to break it, and then she told me - "Dad, I want to break this tree" and the next moment the tree shattered to pieces...I was lucky that at that moment I picked up a camera and filmed her training. Subsequent trees we have already broken at the request of the media and Evnika fans.

You will probably laugh, but this story, I should probably tell you. Just two weeks ago we were invited the whole family to Japan, and they wanted to see how on their show Evnik would break a tree. But, as the birch they do not grow, they offered us to break into splinters twenty inch bamboo. I barely restrained so as not to write that we do not do the little things, Evnika can come to you in Japan and as "Godzilla" walk in Tokyo, breaking the concrete slabs that were there bamboo. Which, by the way, even their samurai are not can be cut with a sword. I did not think that the people of such a high opinion about the Evnika abilities.

Do you have a large family. Like other children react to what you most filmed Evnika?

All Evnika’s brothers and sisters loves her. All the children of the family common around her and help her to hone her skills. My older children are actively involved in training Evnika, and also, in the filming of video clips, so genuinely happy with her victories in the ring of "show business", feeling that Evnika’s victory are also their merits.

In fact, the success of Evnika mobilizes the whole family, we become even more rallied around our little stars. My children understand that everyone has their own destiny and their path. Each of my child has abilities and skills that are superior to the same skills and abilities, with which has Evnika, and also in terms of boxing, the time comes, people will see them. Everything has its time. We simply do not disclose all the cards.

What is new happening in the life of Evnika, in terms of stress and responsibility?

You know, I think, for Evnika everything goes as usual, I mean, that she is not aware of many things, including the extent to which she is famous. She trains, listening to music, watching cartoons, running in the street, we will not really spoil her in terms of stardom (all the same is brought up in a large family).

But in our lives, in the lives of parents comes complete chaos ... Not only that we with my wife have our business / work and besides seven children on our shoulders, and now everything else, we have become too followed by thousands of fans of Evnika. Sometimes we joke that the second famous child, we will not endure...

Of course, in general, we are pleased when our child have so much attention, offer to appear in ads, asked to be the face of brands, but it all takes time and efforts. For example, to manage Evnika’s business, my wife and I need to read legal literacy, need new skills to lead negotiations with representatives of show business and movie industry.

All requests and suggestions received in foreign languages, we have already become regular customers a few translation companies. Of course, we as parents cope with all the difficulties, because essentially we deliberately went to this, we want to teach our children be industrious and diligent, friendly and responsible, and that now the whole family are working to achieve one goal.

Evnika managed to star in the movie. Tell us about her experience.

Yes, in November 2015 passed the shooting of the tale-fantasy, directed by outstanding contemporary maestro Olias Barco, who kindly invited Evnika in the role of one of the protagonists of the film "Polina".

In Kiev Evnika was lucky enough to work on the same stage with the equally outstanding professionals in their domain, such as Thierry Arbogast French operator, recently often working with Luc Besson, (his movies: Leon, The Fifth Element, Nikita, Lucy, etc...) and Vasiliy Vіrastjuk, Virginie Ledoyen, Saul Rubinek, Denis Ivanov, Elena Prilipko, Alexander Kravchenko and many others, interesting and truly outstanding people. What can I say Evnika remained in awe of Kiev, Kiev people are wonderful people. The film is in English and will be released in the world rolled out later this year, do not miss, Evnika is there play herself - "crazy" girl-boxer. In addition, Quest Nutrition Company want to do our daughter their face . She received a letter from America asking to become part of the Quest family

Evnika was asked to go to the ring with three legendary boxing champions. Alexander Lebziak, grabbed his head, after a few missed punches in the face, from the nine year old girl. A world champions Natalia Ragozina and Nikolai Valuev boxing prodigy rushed to kiss! .. It is worth to say that Evnika was also kissed and by Alexander Lebziak after he came to himself with delight.

Are you going to participate more on public or whether the shows abroad?

We have recently arrived from England, from the county of Hertfordshire, filmed by the BBC with the award-winning actress and actress in comic genre Dawn French. From there, without going home, immediately flew to Moscow to the first channel, a new children's show "The best of all", where Evnika set a new record!

Olympic champion and past main Russia federation boxing coach Alexander Borisovich Lebziak, receives a gift from Saadvakass family. Evnika and Evnik simulator, named in her honor, changed our perception about the training, making them more cheerful and efficient.

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