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Evnika set a new Guinness World Record for the fastest punch thrown in full-contact!

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Check out this global event!

More about this event from the Evnika team:

Hey, folks! We're excited to share what went down behind the scenes of this amazing event. Evnika trained for a solid 2 months before smashing the Guinness Book Record. Today, she'll tackle some of the most intriguing questions, and we're also stoked to share photos capturing the prep and the show itself.

How did you manage to break the record at such a young age?

I kicked off my prep for this challenge around two months before the big performance. It was a time filled with hard work and dedicated training, aiming to push my body to its absolute limit. Our team had to zero in on a few key areas: ramping up speed, honing explosive motor skills, fine-tuning the nervous system, and boosting endurance at high speeds.

My training went down at the family gym, where my sisters and brothers provided support and assistance. It wasn't just about the grind; it was a collective effort towards a shared goal. Specifically for this event, my father devised a special technique using the Evnik simulator. This high-speed method became our reliable companion throughout training and ultimately propelled me to victory, securing an all-time record.

Did you expect this show to be extraordinary?

For me, every show has been a one-of-a-kind journey, packed with surprises and chances to evolve. Stepping onto the stage always filled me with anticipation and drive. But this time, I had a monumental task at hand: breaking a record that stood strong for 7 years. It wasn't just about entertaining the audience; it was about carrying the weight of that responsibility, alongside the thrill and determination to reaffirm my position as the fastest girl in the world.

The challenge of breaking the record provided a unique push and drive. I understood it wasn't just another performance; it was a chance to etch my name in history, leaving a legacy and motivating others to reach greater heights. It demanded not just my skill, but also relentless perseverance, courage, and an innovative approach to overcoming athletic hurdles.

What did you enjoy most about Italy?

As we cruised through the streets of Rome, it felt like I was living in a movie. I couldn't help but glance around, half-expecting to see local magicians or wizards at every turn. Each street exuded a sense of history and grandeur. I adored Italy's natural beauty, and, of course, the food was a standout. Among the multitude of experiences Italy offered, I'd unequivocally pick the incredible taste of Italian cuisine. Specifically, the pasta I savored at the hotel for lunch and the mouthwatering mushroom pizza


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