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The unique method for developing

The method helps set Guinness records for speed!

The Olympic team won 8 gold medals at the Championships. Asia

method for Talented Children!

Features of our method

Unique author's exercises that have no counterparts in the world for the development of: Nervous System, Fascia, Tendons.

Methods for achieving Guinness Records.

Author's patented equipment and simulators.


Exercises that are unparalleled in the world.

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Rustam Saadvakass Author of the “Speed Method”, Scientist, inventor, innovator, Author of American, Japanese and more than 50 PATENTS.
Coach of the national boxing team.
Olympic team consultant: Kazakhstan; Russia; Hungary; Canada.
Raised the most incredible prodigy in the history of martial arts, his daughter Evnika Saadvakass!

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Boxing and Martial Arts Champions around the world!

2 global goals of our method

Main goal: Activate the child’s sports talent. Develop Talent. Adapt to PRO-SPORT


Give your child a 'health boost.' We've developed a unique method for activating the body's systems

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HEALTH goal:

The purpose of the Method is to promote balanced development of arm and shoulder muscles, along with protecting the spine. The method will establish a sturdy "muscle corset," aiding in the child's posture correction. It will also facilitate early development of the Nervous System, Fascia, Tendons, and Ligaments - something no other method in the world can offer to a child!

In this way, we establish a STRONG HEALTH FOUNDATION and unlock substantial ATHLETIC POTENTIAL!


SPORT goal:

The developed Method aims to cultivate what are known as "Saadvakass Sports Skills" in children aged 8-10, and in some cases up to 13 years. These are multifaceted athletic skills, the development of which hinges on the maturation of Specific Body Systems: Nervous System; Tendons and Ligaments; Skeletal system; Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers, and more.

According to Saadvakass's theory, "The natural cessation of a child's development within a particular sport by the age of 8-10, and sometimes up to 13, halts the activation of the child's talent." This often results in limitations on children's athletic growth.

The Saadvakass method revolves around identifying unique "Fundamental Sports Skills" that are dominant in sports emphasizing Explosive Strength, Speed, Speed of Action, and Complex Motor Coordination. These sports encompass Boxing, Martial Arts, Basketball, Water Polo, Team sports, Fencing, Tennis, and many others, all of which mandate the compulsory development of "Saadvakass Skills."

The Saadvakass method's objective is to Activate and Cultivate concealed talent, Foster the Fundamental Body Systems, and subsequently apply these Talents in the chosen and beloved sport.

If you want your child to be recognized as a talented athlete by the age of 10, your child must showcase "Saadvakass Sports Skills" to their new coach.

In 99% of cases, "Sport Skills from Saadvakass" are regarded by esteemed coaches, including coaches of national teams and honored coaches in various sports, as a hallmark of a child's talent.

Unlocking SPORTS TALENT from the age of 4, using the Author's Patented Saadvakass Method.

Health + PRO Sports Skills.
Unlocking Sports TALENT through the Activation of: Nervous System; Fast twitch muscle fibers; Tendons and Elastic Energy; 

Author's Exercise Complexes:

  • We start training for speed from an early age!

  • Exercises while lying down improve posture.

  • The author's complex focuses on perfecting the muscular coordination of arms, body, and legs.

  • It guarantees symmetrical development of arm muscles, the shoulder girdle, and the core.

  • A groundbreaking approach to coordinating antagonist and synergist muscles.

  • It activates reflexes and muscle activity.

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