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Muscle contraction

Primary impulse 


Evnik – muscle accelerator

Working "Vane"

Kinetic energy


Elastic "Arcs"

Elastic Energy


Stabilizing axis

(rotary motion)


Unlike the use of rubber and dumbbells that predominantly contribute to developing "slow strengths", EVNIK creates a load of a “sudden” and “impact” nature (based on the principle of plyometrics), forming the speed and “explosive” characteristics of the neuromuscular system.

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During operation, the EVNICK design accumulates more than + 3500% of kinetic energy in its body, which in turn allows you to create a load 35 times higher than the EVNICK's own weight.
The tendon-muscular and nervous systems are subjected to great stress, which cannot be reproduced with any other equipment.

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Design features of EVNIK


As far as the laws of physics are concerned, EVNIK is a "mechanical energy accumulator".
At the moment of time when EVNIK is used, its structural design makes it possible to create a closed "Tendon-Evnik" system with a continuous motion of energies fuelling one another within it.
The greater the simulator’s acceleration, the more kinetic energy it stores in its “working blade”. The dump of kinetic energy, it its turn, it compensated by accumulation of elastic strain energy in the EVNIK's “elastic bows”. After that, energy is transmitted via the EVNIK's axis handle in the form of load on the tendon-muscular system.
For example, a Master of Sports in boxing (when developing acceleration with Evnik) creates an average load of 3 to 5 kg on his muscles. 
The device’s mechanic of work makes it possible to create a dynamic load under the influence of which the user will predominantly develop “quick strengths”, of an explosive nature, significantly increasing the muscles’ speed, as well as speed endurance.

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What is the method of training that uses the EVNIK High-Speed Punches?

In short, it can be described as follows:

Time-proven boxing classics + Advantages of the American school of boxing + Method of discovering one’s individual characteristics with Evnik.

All of these taken together (the time-proven methods in boxing and the new technologies of Evnik) will allow you to encapsulate all the very best things, to combine all the most efficient things in your body. And all of this can happen within the shortest time of training possible.

Learn to deal blows the way professionals do it.

As a rule, a boxer “obtains” all valuable blows in a real fight due to their unusual features that are unique to some part. Such features may express themselves in: the muscle contraction speed; the sharpness of attack; the body's flexibility; the dexterity; the legs’ strength; and in all the diversity of the individual’s tried-and-tested technical peculiarities.
A peculiarity is something your opponent is not used to, something they have never encountered in the ring before, or encountered very rarely and has not yet adapted to it. The Evnik technology and the “Neuromuscular System’s Hidden Potential” development method are aimed at optimization of the training process. By using Evnik, we learn to accentuate the punches the first days, develop our dexterity, flexibility, attack length, etc.

With Evnik, we train EXPLOSIVE dynamic F

100% speed BOXING technologies in your HOME 

For example, many coaches believe that in such a position (shown on the left picture) the boxer slumps and risks letting a punch get through. This statement is true if the boxer is not properly trained. If your boxing school does not teach you how to correctly get out of difficult and uncomfortable positions, then, of course, such boxing is not for you, and you have no chance of becoming a champion. The boxer dealing a long blow (see the picture) is not slumping, he is reaching out while fully controlling his balance! You cannot learn this at a regular boxing school. We are taught the “Classics” spending 5 or 7 years of training on it, and then we have to retrain ourselves in order to improve all our skills.  All the movements in the classical training program are “averaged”, aimed at any and all trainees. Therefore they put it this way, “We teach time-proven, standard techniques". Nobody will teach you Roy Jones Jr’s techniques and his seemingly spontaneous attacks. Many professionals’ punches look risky and even unjustified from the “Boxing Classics’” point of view. Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, Zab Juda, Mike Tyson, all of them have gone far beyond the “classical” rules and achieved success. The boxing classics is like salt or sugar in your food: it’s important not to overdo it, or you will ruin the entire dish you’re cooking. 

Learn perfect techniques so that you would not have to retrain later.


The idea is to give your body a chance to develop unique skills from the very beginning of your training, to search for your bright individuality, because in the case of success all the skills you’ve found and trained in your body and mind will turn into a tool in the ring, into an undiscovered story of your own style.

The problem of the classical teaching of boxing is that all of our hidden uniqueness wears out as years go by, and athletes “burn out” quickly, losing faith in their exceptionality.


Training sessions with Evnik are completely different. Every punch is like a challenge. Will you be able to produce a powerful sound or a slap right now, or not? And if you’ve produced a powerful sound, will you be able to repeat it with your next punch in just an instant? Will you be able to bend the EVNIK in the final phase of your movement? If you’ve succeeded, will you be able to precisely repeat this movement when dealing your next punch? Will you be able to deal a straighter and longer, farther and better punch than a second ago, or not?

The user gets real-time feedback when exercising with Evnik, has a possibility to adjust their techniques, develop the muscles’ sensitivity and coordination. This works much better than a coach’s prompts.

Every punch is about controlling your techniques. The whole training session is a challenge for your body. This is what training in accordance with the Evnik technology is like.

Every advanced coach and every highly intellectual athlete will ask themselves this question, “How do I learn professional techniques based on the “classical” teaching method?

How do I develop the punch speed without losing the strength? How do I learn to reach the opponent without “falling in” after my attack? How do I train to maintain balance while making long attacks? How do I make my shoulder girdle demonstrate the highest level of flexibility and elasticity? How do I quickly return into the stance after a “deep” attack without excessively overloading my muscles? And how do I put the whole mass of force into the punch then?

The answer to all these questions is training with the EVNIK High-Speed Punches. The EVNIK, due to a number of effects (some of which are described below), will help you begin your training in a correct manner. For example, study the influence of the “Reaching Effect” (see paragraph 4 below), it will duly develop the above-mentioned qualities of your tendon-muscular system. When using Evnik, an athlete will quickly master the classical, standard boxing movements, performing them with passion and full control over the muscles’ work and the joints’ positions. In such a case, 90% of the work during a training session will be aimed at developing unique skills. You will acquire the ability to deal quick, actually lightning blows with a pronounced accent in the final phase of the punch. 

Developing perfect technique at home

The Evnik technology is your weapon!
Evnik makes SHADOW-BOXING the best boxing exercise ever!

Training the boxing techniques with the aid of the EVNIK High-Speed Punches is an entire technology in itself, super-efficient and state-of-the-art. The method, in its turn, is actually a completely comprehensible, controllable, scientifically well-grounded mechanism for achieving a result. It is due to the efficiency of the exercises and the logicality of the tasks set before the students and coaches that the technology and the method are now rapidly spreading all over the world. As of today, the ​Evnik method is used by the national teams of boxing, karate, ММА, etc. The method has been recognized by professionals in Russia, Kazakhstan, the US, Great Britain, Germany, Mexico, and so on. 

An important feature of the method is its ease of use at home. The EVNIK High-Speed Punches is a sustainable and universal technology, the use of which does not require any additional facilities. It takes up a minimum of space and time. You will feel the usefulness and effect of training already after three minutes of workout. The simulator fits into the palm of your head, functioning as a highly intellectual device that is able to manage the technical elements of the punching technique that had previously been beyond the boxers’ control.  

Find below some of the principles and effects that you can apply without having to leave your room.  




как держать тренажер Эвник

1. The “Guiding” Effect.

The EVNIK High-Speed Punches will guide and coordinate your punch. While practicing the punch, your hand will move along the preselected trajectory. Due to its design features, the simulator has the function of supporting and “guiding” the joints of your wrist, your hand, elbow, and shoulder. Your hand moves as though running on rails, thus providing a manifold increase in the efficiency of punch practicing. It is the first time that boxers use this idea of additional control, and they are totally delighted. The guiding properties of the EVNIK make your training sessions at home professional ones. (See the red arc numbered 1 in the right picture)

2. “Putting mass into the punch”.

In the world of boxing, a method has not been invented yet that would feature a high level of control over the learning effect of punch setting. There is no quick and efficient way to cultivate the feeling of the punching movement’s integrity, as they say, from toes to knuckles. The EVNIK High-Speed Punches is the first successful attempt at combining the punch speed, its force/mass, and perfect technique of performance in one “bouquet”. EVNIK provides full control over the energy dump. As it rotates and bends, Evnik generates muscular tension in the final phase of movement, which makes the punch harder, and the wrist joint more stable. This whole bouquet of most complicated technical elements is controlled by Evnik. EVNIK High-Speed Punches design contributes to the habit formation of acting with the whole body. The Envik-guided punch itself, plus the introductory specialized exercises, will help you develop the sense of support by way of integrating the muscles of your legs, body frame, and hands into a single chain of movement. This function of the method will shorten the many-year period of practicing. You will quickly develop the skill of accentuated punching.

3. The effect of finished hand turn optimizes the energy dump, making the joint strong and hard.

For the first time in boxing history, training of the wrist joint is aimed not only at building muscles but also, predominantly, at developing all the important technical elements. Boxers are known to separately build the arm muscles. 98% of all the exercises they use contribute to building up massive arms but deprive them of the wrist turning speed. This deprives the trainee of the sense of time, of the energy dump timing through the wrist joint’s correct functioning. 

When using Evnik both for punching and for preparatory exercises, the trainee gains more strength simultaneously with developing the sense of time and of the good timing for turning the wrist, increases the speed and mobility of their wrist joint many-fold, and forms the reflex of short-time tension in the final phase of the punch, making the contact with their target hard.

The wrist joint is the weakest link in the kinematic chain of the punch, which sometimes causes even professionals to lose up to 85% of their punch force and mass. Therefore boxers and coaches pay much attention to training the wrist joint. But until now there has existed no wrist training method that would be even remotely convincing. All you can do as of today is take heavy weights or rubber in your hands and develop the “slow forces”. When using Evnik, from the very first minutes you can feel a powerful impact on your wrists and an increase in your strength. No matter which exercise you are doing, your wrist is the “generator” of the entire simulator’s work! Consequently, redistribution of the load all over your body depends on your wrist’s functioning. Just imagine how much load the wrist muscles have experienced if the exercises cause pain in the biceps and other shoulder girdle muscles. By making your wrist the source of load we’ve literally turned the punch training method “from legs to hands”. The wrists generate the load, transferring it by the body’s muscular links to the legs. The legs, in their turn, catch the vibrations (oscillations and cycles) of Evnik’s activity, get actively involved in the work and perfectly assist the punch. A perfect sense of integral movement is formed, alongside with a perfect technique of effort generation and accumulation in the tendon-muscular system, with its subsequent transfer to the wrist. 

The control over the fist training technique can be seen with an unaided eye. The “impact” energy dump is improved, and the moment of putting mass into the punch is optimized. The corrective wrist turn is associated with the integral movement of the entire shoulder girdle, body frame and legs, starting right from the fingers and feet (!), which contributes to forming a perfect technique for dealing jabs, crosses, hooks, and uppercuts. It is like throwing a stone when the force is generated by the whole body. Like a stone in your hand, Evnik allows your body to understand the movement dynamics easier.

The secret is that without a proper acceleration and effort put into the entire kinematic chain, the High-Speed ​​Simulator Evnik will not be able to accumulate enough kinetic energy to bend itself. Numerous practical experiments have been performed. All the episodes of the EVNIK High-Speed Punches’s work have been observed, with a greater or lesser acceleration rate. Thus, Evnik’s design provides feedback and shows the technique’s drawbacks in real-time, the real level of effort in a particular junction of the punch’s kinematic chain, including the drawbacks of workout for your legs and body frame, and separately for your shoulder girdle. Timely straightening of your hand, as well as the wrist joint actuation technique, all of it has an impact on the possibility for the Evnik structure to bend its own frame.

If you don’t bend your wrist on time, aiming your knuckles straight at the target, the simulator will not receive the additional impulse to bend itself in the direction of the punch.

If your wrist does not function properly, the Evnik simulator will cease to show any “signs of life” in the form of bending, natural mechanical vibrations, slaps, air friction sounds, etc.

These features of the simulator that provide real-time feedback, clearly informing our brain, nervous system and muscles about what is going on, make us think about an advanced, highly intellectual technology that has appeared in the world of boxing; a device that is able to let us know about all the errors and improvements.

поворот-кисти-02-500x267 С ФОНОМ.jpg


4. The “Stretching” effect.

It forms the “Long Hand” technique and helps develop the shoulder girdle. Boxers are aware that making the blow they deal just 1 cm longer provides an undeniable advantage. We deal counterblows, get ahead of the opponent, get into a forceful exchange of blows. It’s the first time that a method has been suggested for forced training of the technique, for training long blows. A long-handed boxer is always dangerous. This is why (before a professional boxers' fight) they announce the reach length. But with this technique, one doesn’t need to have long hands to master the “Long Hand” technique. The method will teach you to develop your dormant capabilities, to get all the potential benefits from your body’s structure, in order to increase the length of your blows. Even a few additional centimeters lengthening the attack will make your hands a weapon. In our case, the “Long Hand” method is utilized to make your blows 10-15 cm (!) longer. This sounds like incredible stuff, but the trick is simple. Learn to deal blows along the optimum trajectory using the “Guiding” effect; develop the tendon-muscular system’s elasticity with the aid of the “reaching” effect; learn to use your shoulders in a new way, do the specialized lead-up exercises, increase the turn’s lever; increase the mobility, strength, and speed of your body’s turns. And also, master the energy dumping technique according to the “Whip” principle of energy dumping, which also makes your blow longer due to the increase in the muscular relaxation areas. This all has become available due to the appearance of the Evnik technology and the development of the “Long Hand” technique.


You can simply deal blows in the air, benefiting from the technologies described above. Or you can perform the introductory exercises that accelerate the necessary skills’ accumulation. Register with our website and get free access to these very useful lead-up exercises.


5. Rebound effect. This unique technology will allow you to observe how you bounce back after an attack executed (at an imaginary opponent). If you learn this in a real fight (in the customary old-fashioned way), missing the target area and slowly returning to your stance, trying to understand how it could be done quickly, then it will take up a lot of your health due to the uselessly eaten blows. Also, there exists a risk to accumulate wrong, “parasite” reflexes, such as fear of punches; blinking; withdrawing in a wrong direction after an attack executed; shortened punches due to the fear of eating a catching-up blow, etc. You should work at the technique of the hand’s quick return after an attack at home, in a well-controlled environment, with the aid of Evnik. When you deal a blow the EVNIK High-Speed Punches, bends forwards in the direction of the blow, accumulating elastic energy in its body. Some part of the elastic energy is accumulated in the stretched tendons. And after the blow is completed (that is, after the “Stretching” effect is actuated), the simulator tends to return into the previous position, bouncing back like a stretched elastic band, quickly and powerfully. The muscles and tendons tend to contract quickly too, making your hand drawback quickly in the opposite direction. This is how defensive actions are trained in the manner of Floyd Mayweather Jr, a prominent defensive boxer. It is about developing automatic actions at the level of muscular reflexes. You can learn quick, even instantaneous, reflex defensive actions at home, practicing shadowboxing with Evnik. 


There has existed no technology like this in boxing until now.

No coach can recreate the level of muscular reactions, the functioning of reflexes, to train the technique for the punch’s final phase with the hand returning instantly into the initial position: the transition which, in its turn, is so naturally controlled and nurtured by the EVNIK High-Speed Punches.


Rebound effect helps optimize the work of antagonist muscles, develop agility, and improve the speed of defensive actions. 

The authors of the text and method of new training, the Saadvakass family
Rustam Maratovich Saadvakass
Anzha Rustamovna Saadvakass
Selyavira Rustamovna saadvakass
Evnika Rustamovna Saadvakass

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Don't be lazy, WORK like a beast.

  • The boxers’ style of jogging is jogging with Evnik! INCREASE THE BENEFIT OF JOGGING THREEFOLD every day!

  • When practicing shadow boxing at home, punch quickly enough for Evnik to WHISTLE!

  • When punching the bag, generate a slap – A POWERFUL SLAP! Practice your sense of emphasis!

  • Accelerate Evnik well enough to GENERATE a load of 3-5 kg!

Just do it, Create your own story!

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