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Watch This 9-Year-Old Girl Absolutely Destroy a Tree With Her Fists

While some of us are born with a natural ability to knock someone out, not all of us are as savage as young Evnika Sadvakasova, a nine-year-old Russian boxing prodigy who is going viral over

a video of her destroying a tree with her bare knuckles. Not only has this impressive video hit BroBible earlier today, but ESPN even threw this video up on IG.

If you keep it locked to the ratchet IG and Twitter streets, though, you've no doubt seen Evnika catch wreck before. The above YouTube clip is from August of 2016, but if you go back as far

as April of 2015, you could've seen her throwing lightning-fast punches with the greatest

of ease... at eight.

How did she get to be so ill, though? All praise goes to her father, Rustam Sadvakasov, who is an amateur boxing coach. Back in December of 2016, a clip of Evnika shadowboxing in her bedroom (while also punching holes in her door) blew up, and it's just as amazing as her roughing up that tree.

The homey Trey could learn a thing or two from Evnika's form. Surprisingly, the Sadvakasov's actually condone their daughter f*cking up her door, as they told the Mirror that they believe it improves her grades at school. Give kids an outlet and I guess it helps them work out whatever frustrations or issues they might have inside.

You might notice her super punching speed, though; it looks like Evnika put on an impressive display, punching an electronic board 221 times in 30 seconds. She threw 206 punches in one minute on Steve Harvey's Little Big Shots TV show.

Yung Evnika is giving us Beatrix Kiddo vibes when hitting that tree, but truth be told, our knuckles are hurting just watching her go in. Ronda Rousey—​or, better yet, Amanda Nunes—​watch out.

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