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As women's initiative, desire and labor, could affect the world of sports and the whole evolutio

I was approached by administrator of Feminists Public - Anastasia (group V.D. ) requesting for an interview.

Here is an excerpt of her first letter:

« Hello! I lead a group dedicated to women's power, the Amazons, warrior, etc. The group is small, it is not the media, and not an organization, but I plan to promote our ideas to the masses:) I was wondering, if I could have an interview with you, youк opinion as coach, father of strong and beautiful daughters, and as a MMA specialist, it would be very interesting for our group? Thank you

We have written about you a little bit in the past, and the material was very interesting for our audience :)»

Many of us completely understand the all difficulties women going through in our “man’s world” beginning from their birth. I argue for system evolution, for global changes and I deeply value any initiative, especially from specific social groups, those who went under “presser” of stereotype society mind. To enable the system evolution it is important, that some of us are capable to hesitate, in statements and laws, in which we are forced to be born, to live and to die.

«Nothing makes us more free, than the right to change things which tries to change us.»

1) Rustam everyone knows you as a father of Evnika, and I think most questions you are asked about her. But we want to know more about you. Tell us what are you doing, about your sport achievements and prizes?

Thank you, I am very flattered that you are interested to know more about me. You are right, I am really often asked about my kids, and I am always gladly talk about them, but if you are interested in my story, I think I should sweat more than at a training with kids, because it is always difficult to talk about yourself.

First of all, I am a father of a big family and I think this is my general achievement and my general responsibility.

Talking to my sport career, I start boxing very late – in my youth. Trained hard, and I got to a world tournament very fast, in Turkestan, where I have got the 3rd place, made results for MSC (master of sports candidate). But my career was not so long, when I was 19, I got a difficult knee trauma, because of my hard training process and not correct teaching. And I have got a difficult leg surgery, my meniscus was removed. My sport career finished, and in my sport life left as the most precious competition only «11 world tournament for the prize ZMS Bolat Asembaev», where I won the first place.

As you know, I had never sad because of my trauma, I don’t sad at all. I was always fond of training work and for that moment I had a big experience in that. I have trained my youngest brother and my friends since childhood, that’s why I have left boxing career with no regrets. Also such a serious trauma made me to create a method which could help sportsmen to exceed injures and to keep their health for years.

Rustam Saadvakass with the EVNIK simulator

2) How many children do you have at the moment ?

My wife Anna gave me 7 amazing kids. We have 5 daughters and they all are sportive: the youngest name is Hatshepsut, she is 5 years old, than Adelaida, she is 6 years old, Evnika — 9 years old and Selyavira — 11 years old, the eldest is Anzha, she is 16 years old. Also we have 2 sons: Rush —14 years old, my youngest son is AinziMakassi, he is 2 years old.

Selyavira, Evnika,Anna,Adelaide, Hatshepsut and Anzha Saadvakass

3) We know that you kids trains. Do you have in your family your own teaching philosophy? May be ideals, principles according to which you teach your children?

Kids planet models. Anzha,Hatshepsut, Selyavira Saadvakass

This is very serious and deep question. I am even afraid to answer it. Teaching philosophy of course exists, but it is possible we do not talk about, do not want to put it in a law, to make it obligatory, as a «rule». It is possible it is our main philosophical approach. Although I want to mention that the family even with a three members is a difficult social system, which get lost the most eminent and "the wisest man of science," if he tried to unravel all its intricacies of the device, feel the philosophy in the same way. I think how confusing the essence of any philosophy so complicated and philosophy of education in each family.

The one thing I can tell: everything influences on the teaching process. Depends on what country do you live; in what house; who is your father and your mother, as a person, as entity; how grandparents are close to your family; in what mood do you watch movies, no matter are you an adult or are you a kid; where do you work or where do you study, and how do you feel to what you doing; how do you talk to kids, how much time and with what voice; how do you look at your partner and what relation do you have; how many children do you have, and even, odd or even their number - all these facts, which imperceptibly but fundamentally affect the education of children ... and somewhere in the bottom of the list (the facts) is the philosophy and the values ​​(educational and didactic nature) that we parents are trying to convey to our children.

That is, to the process of education, I am skeptical, because everything that we parents have time to tell our children is a "bucket of water" in the ocean of their feelings and thoughts. That is why we people still had not invented the perfect formula for education. Or at least, successfully formulated a philosophy that would help us improve education processes.

4) As a coach and as a father, how do you assess the potential of girls, women in the martial arts? Are there any significant differences in the preparation of fighters of different sexes, and if so, what would you single out?

The approach of my method is that I do not concentrate attention on the differences between women and men I focus on the possibilities of a particular organism, mobilizing, and at the same time using the internal forces of the individual. This approach allows me to prove to the world that we (coaches) in real life working with only 20% of female power.

We believe women are weak, just because we, as professionals and women themselves simply do not know how to release these forces and use. For woman it is hard to gain muscle mass, but it does not prevent her to make a strong impact, powerful movement. Woman on the nature by her combat capability is like a tigress, and not as buffalo as a man, her neuromuscular system has a potential of development than in men. According to my opinion, the girls do not approach those exercises that men do, at least we do not use them in their training. I have developed a training system, which we called «Training System from Saadvakass», a system remarkably, calls the possibility of development of physical qualities of both sexes. «Training System from Saadvakass» is based on the technology of extraction of the potential energy of the tendons and muscles, but this, I think I will cover in another article. I can only say that we use in training Evnik simulator.

So my son does not have a single defeat in boxing, hу just "blows" his opponents out of the ring, but at home he can not do anything with his renowned sisters.

For example, up to 10 years the capacity of girls is just great! It is the fact that Evnika was lucky enough to prove to the whole world. Girls are also more disciplined and thoughtful, this is their advantage. In this case, if a girl, woman will continue to train at the right technologies, what can prevent her to become the most powerful among everyone in general ?!

5) What do you think, is it possible that in the future women will compete on equal terms with men, and will disappear from the sport men’s and women's categories, as is already practiced, but informally and on a small scale?

I'm sure women will be able to compete on equal terms. But, I think the business itself and society as a whole, with the support of sports federations are opposed to completely erase gender differences.

Also do not forget that many men love and adore women, experiencing them sincere feelings and respect. Such men for a long time will not be able to get used to the idea of ​​equal fight with the girl, the woman - even if she is very strong. Many do not want to fight with a woman in the ring, even for the sake of showing her respect and support the idea of ​​equality. What then, do you say .. - Revolution did not happen in one day .. All this will prevent the organization of joint events.

It is important to understand that for the male and female divisions were merged, and the ring itself confrontation was "healthy" nature (in the opinion of the people) is primary, it is necessary to change the social fabric: influence on the mentality; school education; apply revolutionary methodical approaches to formation of the individual; influence on family values, in terms of physical and moral education of the child, which would give children the opportunity to develop not according to their sex, but according to their "innate" abilities.

On my own I want to say, if you were born a girl, your parents have no right to treat you as to obviously "weaker sex", raising you, under the influence of conventional society - stereotypes, depriving you of the possibilities that you, according to the nature would have in the future. This is the greatest crime of humanity, which we have created in the past and that we consciously support in the present, in the education system and the legal system. Personally, I started with this, and I develop, teach and train is not "girl" and not even a human, and some capable of "being", which has the right to the highest possible expression of their abilities. It does not deprive my girls femininity, beauty and charm, just further, gives them new freedom associated with more advanced physical development. I am sure that it is the root from which will go all the germs of change, about which you ask me.

6) Evnika, as well as all of your children is engaged in sport from early childhood. Many of our subscribers as children were doing nothing, or did, but not martial arts. Is there a chance for these girls to develop high-speed impacts, get good training skills as adults?

Kids train together. Hatshepsut, Evnika, Rush, Adelaide Saadvakass.

If you can work, if you know how to suffer, and clearly set a goal, you simply can not be slow and weak.

Within two months of total immersion in yourself and in the training process, you can totally change not only your abilities, body shape, etc., but also on life – to change your spirit, and does not rest on your laurels.

And most importantly do not forget that any change - it's good, do not think about age, just do what you want.

Taking this opportunity, I want to mention one point, which makes it difficult for many people to change themselves - this excessive self-love. Personally, I am against such judgments, - "I am what I am" or "Love me who I am!". Perhaps many of your subscribers will say and think that way - complicating your life. Want to achieve a result, get rid of it - completely. Feel perfection, love yourself as you can, but do not forget to constantly improve and strengthen the very "core" of your excellence - provoke changes.

I personally, in this particular moment, already want to be different, the person I could be tomorrow, if I put enough effort right now. I do not for a moment want to be who I am today, I already want to be who I can be in the future in a year or two. This philosophy is ideally suited to the training process and by the way makes life easier for your significant other, friends and girlfriends. Just start completely deny the things that surround you, and start with yourself. Begin vigorously to form in your mind, your future and still bring it furiously. So you will achieve the result at any age. And in general, less pay attention to age, are important only your mind, your spirit, the mood for action and freshness in the chest and then 70 years of age is not for you, for something to start learning.

7) What advice would you give to girls who go to boxing to protect herrself on the street, what to pay attention on the training? And how much on average they will have to deal with, to feel confident when confronted with danger?

If we are talking about the same age, youth disputes in the courts and school wars, it is often just enough to be athletic to fight off the desire to find fault with you. I have a lot of experience and observation of school yard fights, I came in the sport from the street. Many times I've seen a willingness to fight, which showed clearly weak "fighters" are often saved them from attacks obviously strong. And if you can take a correct stand and skillfully apply jab, punch, which is closest to an opponent, or hook (side impact), it will give you a good chance of winning.

With regard to the time and preparation, I will say this - important is the attitude and a clear understanding of what you want to achieve. Articulate thought, awakens in you the spirit of aspiration, and it accelerates the development of motor skills.

Anzha Saadvakass and Veronica Macedo. Veronica Macedo Female MMA fighter with a professional record 5-0-0.

Having dealt with the attitude to training, primary start to concentrate on the development of speed. Developing speed, over time you will gain a number of other components of physical development such as strength, power, and even endurance.

For better development speed, try to monitor the degree of tension in the muscles during movement. Avoid excessive tension in the muscles even when you're just standing in the front, a key error in general all boxers. Be relaxed, easy and how much can be explosive and speed. During the strike, try as quickly as possible to move from a state of stress relaxation. Act rationally, breathe calmly, even when you want to strongly inhale air.

Continuing to answer your question, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that there are different situations, and danger levels. Thinking of self-defense on the street, you have to understand that a few trips to the gym will never give you a guarantee of winning. Any attacker from the category burglar or rapist is always better prepared than his victim, and no matter who is in the role of the victim girl or a man, is the nature of the offense and defense. Forward always has a better chance of winning, because the more carefully selects the time and place, is preparing a cunning and subterfuge long cultivates his thoughts and plans. Therefore, initially, try to protect yourselves by all possible means before the risk occurrence, count the time and place to walk, better to choose a company you can trust, avoid being alone in dangerous situations. Rely on instinct and feeling develop your natural gift of foresight of danger. And if it's time to fight, then do not be afraid, hit as you can. Remember that the ambush was counting on a weak victim, and suddenly felt your strength and willingness to fight back, he certainly scared and retreat, because he is not ready for a long fight.

Conclusion: Exercise, be strong, but defend the "mind."

8) Surely someone from readers living not far away from you and will want to come to you to learn how to defend themselves. Do you train, and if so, where they can go?

Girls always together. Evnika, Hatshepsut, Selyavira, Adelaide Saadvakass.

Dear girls and women, the future and already skilled athletes, I am very pleased to think that someone of you would want to work out with my family, at my direction. But, unfortunately, we do not open the school for a free visit. I love to train and dream about the future when I can expand the range of my students, and devote most of my time coaching practice. Teaching Boxing - this is my hobby, something without which I can not exist, I like the process of improving skills. But at the moment of spare time barely enough to train my children, one Evnika takes so much effort and time in which it would be possible to train the whole group.

I have already said that developed a special Evnik simulator for the development of speed and boxing technique, and so, now there is a final work before release Evnik simulator on the market. As soon as we cope with this problem, we will start to think about opening of schools, maybe even especially for girls, because, dialed a huge case of knowledge about the methods of working with girls and girls.

Adelaide Saadvakass. The “Best HOOK” method

I sincerely want to thank you for your good questions. I am very pleased that your readers strive for self-improvement.

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