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What Effect EVNIK Has on Tendons and Ligaments  

“We have worked with thousands of athletes, in different sports nations, and, to our surprise, 100% of those examined have the same problems: their ligaments and muscles are not elastic enough, mobility of their joints is limited, etc.”   


It has been found out that, according to biomechanics, the amplitude of movements of our joints, especially those of the upper part of the body, is rather large and serves for our comfort and health. But in real life, due to our lifestyle and narrow specialization, as we deal with a limited number of household items, we apparently restrict out mobility. The situation is not better in sports: focused specialization and delayed adoption of advanced technologies result in the same problems.  


While trying to develop greater efforts, an athlete intuitively tends to set “levers” between joints in such a way that greater force and efforts could be provided when performing holds, impacts, or any other actions.  


The above said will be easier to understand if you watch children. What happens when we ask little children to do press-ups or pull-ups, lift weights or stretch rubber bands? We see their bodies crook immediately, their shoulder blades are drawn in, their spine, pelvis and even legs take an ugly position and a harmful twist – their body is seeking support and tries to position levers in the optimal way in order to accomplish an overwhelming task. We stand for early children development but we argue against out-of-date workout methods. Poorly developed muscle groups and lack of a method for developing good posture with the best possible development of flexibility of all involved moving elements have deeper consequences and, apart from health, reduce the potential of the future technical arsenal in case of a professional career.   


This situation persists when our children grow older and until they are adults when people of your age experience the consequences of an imperfect workout method.   


We have created a really unique methodology of body development. When you perform two Golden Complexes: Power of Zeus and Iron Forearm at the very beginning of your workout, you will see how limited your body is in its capabilities. You will discover that your muscles are not elastic enough; you cannot control your joints; you are not strong enough to do the exercises properly; your speed is insufficient; your movements lack coordination; the interaction of antagonist muscles is not developed; your muscles cannot withstand static and dynamic stress; and in general, your body gets tired quickly. But this feeling will start disappearing after just a few days of regular exercising – this is how efficient EVNIK is!  


If your ligaments are elastic and fully involved in work (which allows doing exercises in the extreme points, “link to the video”), your joints become stronger and better protected.   


A crucial point: “extreme point” does not imply that your joint has to be twisted to the maximum. This is what Rustam Saadvakaas, the author of the method, says about it in the video: “You should not forcefully stretch your arm into a position which cannot be reached painlessly.” The founder of the method then explains: “Your arm will gradually rise higher and higher each day until it takes its natural position according to your body biomechanics.” The idea of extreme points is in restoring the mobility we have lost due to global urbanization and narrow specialization.  


God let us be flexible without compromising strength and agility but we ignore it and stop doing movements prescribed by nature.  


Exercises involving EVNIK stimulate processes that strengthen ligaments and other periarticular tissues.  And the mechanism of the effect the training tool has on your muscles (particularly, increase in the frequency of nervous impulses, stimulation of stretch reflexes, and other factors) involves more muscle fibers into work consolidating their efforts thus providing reliable protection of your joints from injuries and your ligaments from overstretching. This is why from the first days of exercising people feel intensified work of the entire tendon and ligament apparatus and sense that their joints acquire mobility.   


You should be aware that people’s joints are neglected so that they face problems as early as at the age of 25-35 years. Insufficient joint mobility leads to a number of pathologies and diseases. Your joints should move; your tendons should work properly; lubricants should be produced in the required amounts and this is what a person feels during the first days of working out. Of course, it feels unusual but it is healthy. Exercises with dumbbells, rubber bands, etc. do not provide the optimal working pattern for your joints and tendons, this is why people keen on sports face so many problems.   


The children in the Saadvakass family have been using the training tool twice a day for over five years performing thousands of swings. Their joints are not only healthy but also very strong. As you know, boxing is very traumatizing for hands, elbows, and shoulders and we receive lots of letters from injured people who also write about their children’s injuries. We recommend that they all restore their health using the patented EVNIK.  

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