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MMA star improving her boxing with famed family

by Chris Palmquist

Veronica Macedo

The Saad’vakass family shot to internet fame when it began posting videos of an eight year old Evnika showing off amazing hand speed in hitting pads with her father.

The video spread virally like wildfire and even ended with Evnika being featured on the US Television show ‘Little Big Shots’ showing off her amazing speed with Steve Harvey.

Today the family released a new video showing the creator of the Simulator Evnik teaching MMA fighter Veronica Macedo ways to improve the speed and power of her hook punch:

Creator of the Simulator Evnik, Rustam Saad’vakass explains what you can see in the video and why his tool and training method is so effective:

In the video you will be introduced to Veronica Macedo, a great athlete who is a rising star in MMA. Veronica surprised us all with her abilities and how well she adapted to our system of training.

According to Veronica she trained her boxing and punching, but did not focus on anything particular, including her hook punch. In this first video, you can see her muscles were not ready to create fast and powerful hook punches

With only seven days of training, Veronica learned to apply the hook punch quickly and powerfully. She also mastered a double hook with a front hand, a very difficult combination for any boxer. Veronica’s successes inspired our whole family and we are grateful to her for her efforts.

More About Veronica Macedo

Veronica Macedo is Venezuelan born MMA fighter who started her career as a 2-0 amateur in late 2014. She quickly transitioned to professional mixed martial arts in 2016, winning her debut by split decision against Anne Merkt at We Love MMA 20.

Macedo has been very active, reeling off five total wins in the first seven months of 2016 and is likely to be showcased in a larger organization if she keeps winning.

Veronica Macedo Images

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