Today, we got found foreign producer

Today, we got found foreign producer, who is vouched to prepare the mould and material for producing our training tool "Evnik", based on our technical requirements.

General Manager of Saad'vakass in world champion of Kung-Fu, in the position of director of Kaza

General Manager Saad’vakass Company in awards with Mr.Abdul Rahim Yosufi , the General Manager of Kung-Fu Federation of Afghanistan. In world Campion of kung-Fu, General Manager of Saad'vakass company open the secret of success of his students! So professional sportsmen understood how training tool Evnik can help them to improve their punch techniques and how by special exercising can improve the speed and power of the punch. Head Coach of Iranian team, checking the Evnik in action.

Saad'vakass company in World champion of Kung-Fu

Sportsmen of Saad'vakass participated in world champion of Kung-Fu TOAMA, where Anja Saadvakass only in 15 years old, had fighting against adults and got the Bronze medal and made a record. Anja had a lot of special exercising with Evnik which helps her to control these kinds of loads easily.

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