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47 punches less than 30 seconds. With one hand using weights.

Unexpected! Revolution! Can you ever imagine how Evnik simulator can change your point of view on training process with a punchbag. Now you can heat a punchbag holding Evnik simulator in your hand. No more harm on your wrist, no more pain of the punch. Especially If your hands are injured and you need to train for a competition. Evnik eliminates the direct interaction with a punchbag although it's creating a shock charge on your muscles helping to create a more powerfull punch.

Only till 15.09.2015 you can order Evnik Simulator by special 25$ kids and 29$ adult. Only till 15.09.2015 you can also get methodics "Morning with Evnik" price 135$, "Warming up before the speed training" price 165$, "Office" 49$ - You can get all for free. Lots are limited and availiable only on indiegogo:

Support our project - Buy an innovation . Lets make together the best sport team in the world

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