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3 Operating modes for EVNIK 1.

The operating modes (Further OM), first of all, changes the center of gravity of Evnik's invention, in relation to the forearm, the working hand, (while providing a comfortable grip with the palm of the hand, the handle of the device).
A change in OM affects the specifics of exercises, changes the groups of working muscles, changes the range of acting forces, at the same time, the nature and strength of the load. OM helps athletes train highly specialized skills, solve complex training problems and goals.

Below, you will get acquainted with the main Operating modes. 


In mode "EVNIK Technology", practice speed, explosive muscle strength, elastic strength of tendons and ligaments. Coordinate and improve the phases of muscle contraction and relaxation (muscle antagonists and synergists). In addition, mainly increase the mass of fast (white) muscle fibers.

Evnik in OM №1, in just 5 seconds, will make the neuromuscular system perform more than 140 phases of muscle contractions. In sports and medicine, there is no such equipment or method that can so strongly activate the work of the neuromuscular system, training quickly and effectively; Speed; explosive power; elastic force, etc.

В этом положении вы можете выполнять следующие методики "First speed technology" "The best hook" 



In mode №3 "Shadowboxing". Not available.

OM №3, the favorite position of boxers who do shadow boxing exercises. Despite the fact that the handle of the Evnik-1 model is not designed for this mode of operation, nevertheless, boxers continue to perform shadow boxing exercises in this position.


We recommend: For a full-fledged performance of the “Shadowboxing” exercises, it is better to purchase the EVNIK-EDL3500 model, where the center of gravity, in OM № 3, moves high above the boxer's fist and is 90 degrees relative to the forearm. The patented handle of the Evnik-edl3500 model has a specially arranged operating mode № 3, which provides a comfortable grip, allowing you to apply great effort, work out all the necessary strikes and combinations, feints and deceptive movements.


In mode №5 "Hard Punch 2" An important element of a hand strike is the work of the wrist joint and fist. In OM №5, Evnik has an acute degree, in relation to the forearm. In this position, Evnik-1 is difficult to bend while working. One hand strike speed is not enough. Therefore, if the trajectory of the blow and the position of the fist are incorrect, then Evnik will not bend. Insufficient speed (hand strike), as a result, accumulates a small amount of kinetic energy in the upper part of the Evnik (weight), which ultimately makes it impossible for the device to bend around the handle and fist. The goal of the trainee is to increase the momentum of force, (due to acceleration and explosive power) to give the punch more speed, learn to accumulate more kinetic energy and perform the correct punch technique, directing the fist accurately, to the target.


Accelerate your boxing learning curve tenfold.

"Saadvakass boxing represents a cutting-edge method built on new technologies and our coaching staff's extensive experience! This approach empowers you to learn striking techniques at home ten times faster and more effectively! Our method addresses the challenges people face in the 21st century, and the most crucial one is 'lack of time.' We excel at solving this problem while significantly enhancing the quality of acquired skills!

The Saadvakass boxing method's core strength lies in the innovative patented equipment called the 'High-speed simulator EVNIK.' This gear enables effective shadowboxing and accelerates the training process. Moreover, Rustam Sadvakass, coach of the Olympic boxing team, and mentor to boxing prodigy Evnika Saadvakass, has developed exercises that are unparalleled globally. You'll be amazed at how rapidly you can master punching techniques.

OPTION 1: Training 3-5 minutes a day

If your busy schedule prevents you from going to the boxing gym, the '3-5 minute training program' is your golden ticket to the world of boxing. This unique method is designed to help you effectively and efficiently achieve your desired goals. In just 2-3 sessions of 3-5 minutes a day.

Our method is based on three main principles



- Quickly learn boxing techniques: master the Jab, Hook, and Uppercut.
- Achieve significant improvements in speed and strength.
- Experience faster recovery between workouts.
- Master key professional boxing skills: emphasize the end of each punch, perfect fist closure, swift hand return to the stance post-attack, lengthen punches by stretching your arms, and enhance punch reach.
- Enhance your physical fitness.



- Boost mood and energy through the production of endorphins.

- Elevate energy levels and alertness with increased hormone levels such as adrenaline and norepinephrine.

- Enhance mood and concentration: Short workouts trigger neurotransmitters, improving mood, focus, and productivity.



- Enhance joint mobility.

- Increase bone density through dynamic loading.

- Improve blood circulation and oxygen delivery to organs and tissues.

- Activate metabolism.

- Reduce stress.

If you choose this training mode, follow these steps.

1) Select the techniques you like from this list

2) Determine the approximate time when you want to do the exercise (you will only need 3-5 minutes depending on the method). For example, you can perform the exercise in the morning after waking up, during your lunch break and in the evening after a working day.

That's all you need to do. GOOD LUCK IN YOUR TRAINING!


1) All exercises with EVNIK are self-warming, you do not need additional warm-up.

2) Train at least 3 days a week.

OPTION 2 “Shadow-boxing” only 30-40 minutes a day

Our training based on the author's method can replace years of training in a boxing gym! 

Practice 'shadow boxing' with Evnik to achieve a comprehensive workout, combining three essential training modes that usually require separate time and effort in regular boxing.

Three types of training in one: Save time, train smarter!



Evnik is a home trainer that provides instant feedback for perfecting your technique!

Watch its cues closely, and it'll assist in enhancing the quality of your training and refining your striking technique.

Evnik doesn't just offer equipment; it aids in acquiring professional skills like speed, explosive strength, accentuating the punch, correct placement of the fist when striking, swiftly returning the hand to the stance after an attack, and elongating strikes by extending the arms for longer reach. These combined skills empower trainees to rapidly and largely self-master the professional technique of boxing strikes. Normally, it takes years to hone a technique, but not with us! Train effectively and smartly!



Switch your neuromuscular system from slow to high-speed! The Evnik invention’s design allows training at an extremely high pace, compelling muscles to contract and relax rapidly, clocking a record speed of 100 miles per second(!). This process trains fast muscle fibers, significantly upping the speed of impacts. It's a groundbreaking, scientifically supported method to push your speed to its limit! This technology belongs to our company, so take advantage and access the best training methods crafted by the technology's authors and the coaches of the Olympic boxing team.


The third kind of training that boxers dedicate special time to is GPP (general physical training). It's no wonder that the national boxing team of Kazakhstan allocated a full cycle of general physical training (14 days) to our Evnik exercises. The Evnik technology and method promote the development of explosive strength and physical endurance. Thanks to plyometric effects and dynamic load, Evnik rapidly hones crucial boxing skills. By focusing on striking technique, you concurrently boost strength and muscle endurance, bypassing the need for conventional weightlifting. Many trainers advise against traditional physical training and muscle building until a boxer has mastered striking technique. Technique reigns supreme because good technique inherently encompasses strength and speed—something effectively taught by the Evnik method from Saadvakass."

If you choose this training mode, follow these steps.

1) Select the techniques you like from this list

2) Determine the approximate time when you want to do the exercise. For example, you can do a workout in the morning before or after a work day.

3) You can adhere to the following training regimen: Mon, Wed, Fri or Tue, Thu, Sat.

Also, any other days at your discretion.

That's all you need to do. GOOD LUCK IN YOUR TRAINING!


1) before training you do not need to warm up additionally (only if you wish) All exercises with EVNIK are self-warming.

2) It is recommended to complete at least 2 workouts per week.

Your workouts

Workouts for 3-5 minutes

Shadowboxing 30-40 minutes

EVNIK-1 (PRO) and EVNIK-2 (Black Dragon)

I'm always in touch

If you have any questions about using the Evnik High Speed Simulator or the methods, feel free to reach out to me. I'll assist you in understanding and entering the world of actual results, not just attempts!

I'm waiting for your letter, Anzha.

Thanks for submitting!

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