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How to use Evnik?

Initial position with EVNIK simulator

1. Hold the handlebar of the "EVNIK Speed Punches"

in your hand. Place your feet at shoulder-width apart.


2. Bend your arm in the elbow, as shown in the figure.


3. Begin swinging the simulator from side to side.


WARNING: the wrist should not move; in this exercise, the movement takes place only in the shoulder joint.

4. Note that the weighty part (hereinafter WP) of Evnik should move within the range of 50-60 cm.

IMPORTANT: Start slowly and gradually accelerate your Evnik WP.

IMPORTANT: Accelerate the Evnik WP, not the hand! As Evnik starts to swing you will feel a very distinctive type of muscular load.


5. If the movement is performed correctly, you will feel an unusual sensation in the muscles, as well as the urge to contract your muscles with a little more intensity than usually. Try to remember the sensation of this type of muscular load as you experience

it for the first time.


6. Now you need to increase the speed of the Evnik WP.

Once again, do it gradually, without any jerking movements or extreme accelerations. Evnik will start to swing even more and further accumulate the elastic energy in the “springing bars” 

of the simulator along with potential energy in the muscles and tendons with each swing.


7. Gradually achieve your highest frequency of motion to benefit most from your workout with Evnik.


Go over each and every point above once more time to make sure the swing technique is correct.


Strive to perfect your technique; make the most of your training!

Shake by the hand movement, the elbow movement,
and the shoulder movement

Shake with wrist

The Shake is performed with the hand. The elbow and the shoulder
joints stay motionless.

Shake with the elbow joint

The Shake is performed by the elbow
joint.The hand and the shoulder joint
stay motionless.

Shake with the shoulder joint

The Shake is performed

by the shoulder joint. The hand

and the elbow joint stay motionless.

Three important prompts

The EVNIK must span smoothly. You should fully trust the sports equipment! The EVNIK sets the rhythm, and you should feel it.

It is the sports equipment which should accelerate your movements. You should not switch to high speeds at once in any case,

until you grasp the rhythm of the movement.

Learning to produce a swing
Trying to feel the acceleration

Remember that all the magic of Evnik is that it helps you produce acceleration. If you do not feel it, re-read this guide section

and start again. You should feel the acceleration force you have never felt before. Only in this case you can be sure that you have
learned the new technology of impact on the muscles.

Set your own speed record

Do your best to relax the muscles as much as possible. The movement shoud be easy and quick. Strive to accelerate the weighty part of Evnik so much quickly so that you can hear the “Sound of Power”. The “Sound of Power” appears during the motion

of the dumbbell. When the weighty part of the Evnik collides with the opposing air flows at high speed, the sound of power appears. The stronger the movement of the Evnik, the stronger the sound of power. In the future, follow the sound.
This way you will realize that your speed abilities have improved since the first training.

Speed Modes, or Load Modes with Evnik

Any exercise with Evnik can be performed in different speed modes, with minimum or maximum muscle tension.

There are three main modes:


1.    GENTLE MODE. It has a warm-up character and is meant to prepare the tendon and muscle system and other systems of the body

for the forthcoming speed training. This mode is used in the beginning of the trainings.


If a person has some contradictions but is allowed to train with Evnik, this mode can be the basic one during the training.

This mode is perfect for toning the nerve and muscle system and has a positive training and reparative effect, especially after the injuries suffered. In this mode, you develop the speed which is easy to develop for you and with which you do not feel “strong” tension in the joints

of the arm.  


2.    SPEED MODE. It is the basic training mode, in which the most of the training is done.

In this mode, the movement is performed smoothly, without any jerks, but very fast.


3.    EVANESCENT SPEED MODE. In this mode, we do our best to set our own speed record. 

The main goal is to develop a short-time but maximum possible acceleration. 

It is an extremely important training mode. 

It is maximum stimulating for the nerve and muscle system, adaptation mechanisms, and reflexes. 

Warning: you should not start with the Evanescent Speed Mode without getting through the Speed Mode. It is necessary to switch from

the Speed Mode to the Evanescent Speed Mode. 

The optimal number of exhales (swings) in the Evanescent Speed Mode is maximum 3-5.



Your training mode should be as follows:


Speed Modes

Any set of exercises with Evnik can be turned into a warm-up one


For this, it is necessary to perform all the exercises of any method in the GENTLE MODE first, and only after that to repeat all the exercises

in full force. It is quite convenient for the creation of your own training programs. 


Conclusion: all the exercises with Evnik are self-warm up when performed in the GENTLE MODE. Using any of the methods from the training system for warm-up you need to perform the training in the GENTLE MODE first, and then repeat all the exercises in the SPEED MODE.


The recommended training mode aimed at increase of the speed characteristics. 


When performing the exercises with the "EVNIK High-Speed Punches" in the SPEED MODE and the EVANESCENT SPEED MODE it is necessary to monitor the peak of your speed abilities and not to let the phase of tiredness come during the speed training.  After achieving the maximum speed you need to monitor the first symptoms of tiredness and movement speed reduction. In case of foreseeing the possible speed reduction, it is necessary to slow down and next time to reduce the number of repetitions of the whole set (for example, from 10 swings to 6 swings in each exercise).


Otherwise, the tired nerve system will “switch on” the inhibitory processes, which will lead to the worsening of the work consistency

of the whole nerve and muscle system. Your movements are becoming less rational, and the muscle memory enregisters them, accumulating the information about the unwanted movement skill.

"Tidal Breathing Rhythms" (TBR) Method 

How to breathe while training with Evnik and keep score of swings? Our breathing method “Tidal Breathing Rhythms” (TBR) will help you.


Each compound movement, stroke, or fake in sports has its power, speed, and other characteristics.These characteristics will improve significantly if you breathe correctly. We have developed the breathing system training method aimed to maintain force and speed and speed and endurance training modes. This method was built in successfully in all the exercises performed with Evnik. Speed training and speed endurance training are impossible without the use of correct breathing technique.

Tidal Breathing Rhythms

Meet the main breathing mode

Make a smooth gentle inhale and exhale not at a time but with small portions of air.

For example, to begin with, you can inhale once and exhale three times.

It is very important to make small exhales. It is quite necessary to leave plenty

of air in the lungs after your last exhale!

You exhale the air not for the sake of making an exhale, but in order to maintain

the rhythm where your exhale meets the effort of the muscles

and “focuses your lungs’ attention” on the movement.


Do your best to make it so that the movement of the simulator coincides

with the exhale.



A swing and an exhale are made in one direction only.

If the EVNIK is clamped in your right hand, the exhale is done when the EVNIK

is moving to the left.

If the EVNIK is clamped in your left hand, the exhale is done when the EVNIK

is moving to the right.


The idea is that the exhale should coincide with the movement

of the sports equipment.

That is why the number of exhales equals the number of EVNIK swings:

three exhales – three swings.

This rule will teach you not to change the tidal breathing rhythm during your first symptoms of tiredness.



Breathing mode


A gentle inhale and 6 or 10 exhales through the nose, depending on how well-trained you are. You should begin with 6 small exhales.

The red point shows in which position the Evnik is in the moment.

Breathing mode: 01 inhale


1.  Smooth inhale.

Breathing mode: 02


2. The Evnik goesto the right – hold your breath.

Breathing mode: 03 exhale


3.The Evnik goes to the left – make a small exhale. With an exhale,

the count of swings is one.

Breathing mode: 04


4.The Evnik goes to the right – hold your breath (do not exhale or inhale).

Breathing mode: 05 exhale


Thus, having inhaled once

and exhaled 6 times, we have done 6 swings with the EVNIK.

5. The Evnik goes to the left – make a small exhale again.

With the second exhale, the count

of swings is 2;

with the third exhale – 3; then 4, 5, 6.

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