Golden Complexes: «Iron Forearm» and «The Power of Zeus»

Golden Complexes comprise a huge range of movements making this technique suitable for most sports. Apart from neuromuscular system conditioning, Golden Complexes enable us to acquire special technical skills which allow developing very fast and powerful movements within a fraction of a second and at a short distance to the target. Golden Complexes can manifoldly increase the initial impulse of a movement and boost its starting speed.

Exercises Execution techniques with Evnik high-speed simulator.
Complexes: «Iron Forearm» and «The Power of Zeus»

«Iron Forearm» Golden Complex

«The Power of Zeus» Golden Complex

For the purpose of convenience and efficiency, we have developed special sets of exercises that have to be performed at a high speed for just one or two minutes. Performing the Golden Complexes you will be pleased to see that the load and the benefit are not proportional to the time spent.

Golden Complexes are made in such a way that they can form new muscle chains from scratch and cultivate specific movement skills quickly and efficiently. Each Golden Complexes is aimed at development of a certain repertoire of movements, which will afterwards provide additional power and technique for the athlete’s basic activities. For example, Iron Forearm and the Power of Zeus complexes will help you gain some special skills that can be successfully used in different martial arts: by boxers, wrestlers, MMA fighters, etc. Any muscular chain formed using Evnik is quite different from all muscular structures previously formed in the athlete’s body because Evnik provides very high intensity and accuracy of movements.

Brief information about the «Training Mode»

Training mode consists of 3 stages.

Each stage takes 2 weeks.

In one training you will do 6 approaches (3 approaches you do GC «Iron Forearm» and 3 approaches of GC «The Power of Zeus»)

1 Stage: "Adaptation period" (duration of this stage is 2 weeks).
Do exercises 3 times a week (Example: Mon, Wed, Fri).

In one workout, do six approaches. (3 approaches of GC "Iron Forearm" and 3 approaches of GC "The Power of Zeus").
The first two approaches do exercises / swings in warm-up mode, the other four in speed mode.

Each exercise of the complex, perform 6 swings each.
The first stage is allowed to breathe freely, not observing the correct mode of breathing.
Your primary goal is to focus on the correctness of the execution of the swings, watch the position of the hands, feet and posture.


2 Stage. "Beginner level". (duration of this stage is 2 weeks).
In the second stage, we increase the number of workouts, now you do the exercises 5 times a week (Example: Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri)

In one workout, do six approaches. (3 approaches of GC "Iron Forearm" and 3 approaches of GC "The Power of Zeus").
The first two approaches do exercises / swings in warm-up mode, the other four in speed mode.

Each exercise you do for 6 swings.
In the second stage of training we learn how to breathe properly, this is very important! Now, during the exercise, we are using the "Tidal Breathing Rhythms" (TBR) method.


 3 Stage: "Advanced level" (duration of this stage is 2 weeks).
Do exercises 5 times a week (For example: Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri)

In one workout, do six approaches. (3 approaches of GC "Iron Forearm" and 3 approaches of GC "The Power of Zeus").
The first two approaches do exercises / swings in warm-up mode, the other four in speed mode.

But now every exercise you do for 12 swings.  If you find it hard to do exercises with 12 swings, you can return to the "second stage" training mode. Or try all six approaches to perform in warm-up mode, without accelerations.

Watch your breath. Observe the "Tidal Breathing Rhythms" (TBR) method. If you find it hard to breathe during the performance of 12 swings, then go back to the "second stage" training mode.

ATTENTION: Do not increase the number of swings from 6 to 12 unless you have learned to breathe properly. Stay on the 2nd stage of training until your muscles and breathing system are strong.

Each complex comprises of 14 exercises (7 per one arm and 7 per the other). 
Attention: All seven exercises should be performed one by one, first by one arm (six swings in each exercise) and then, after a change of the leg position, by the other arm. 
No matter how simple they may seem, exercises with Evnik are among the most difficult drills in the world. They require great concentration of muscle efforts, special coordination and technique. This will become clearer after you watch the video instruction which contains some prompts.

Тraining with Evnik and super skills in 1 minute 22 seconds!

Rush Saadvakass (16 years old) executes two golden complexes in a speed mode «Iron Forearm» and «The Power of Zeus»
The record executing time is: 1 min 22 seconds. If you can execute these complexes as fast, you will create a colossal load on important body systems.
Namely, the load on the respiratory system. For all the time of the execution of the complexes it is necessary to make a total of 28 breaths, having produced 336 exhalations! Such a breathing mode forms the correct rhythm of the respiratory system. The breathing system is trained to assist in the rapid and explosive work of the muscles. This method of training the respiratory system is proposed for the first time in sports.

Load on the nervous system is created due to the implementation of a large number of muscle contractions, in a total of 2016 PHASES of muscle contractions, of which:
672 Eccentric,
672 Isometric,
672 Concentric.

This mode of operation minimizes the time of the transition of the muscles from the relaxed state to the stressed state and back. So we train speed and seriality. Thus, for 1 minute 22 seconds you will be able to produce 672 sharp accentuated movements / swings, which will allow you to boost the accumulation of special motor skills endowed with speed and potential power.

From the table given in the video, it can be seen that this system of training guarantees the result in just 1 minute 22 seconds.
After completing these exercises in 1 minute 22 seconds, the muscles will produce 2016 phases of contractions, which will be 24 phases of Muscular Сontractions in one second (!!!). 
And this is guaranteed to improve not only the speed, but also the reactive ability of the neuromuscular apparatus, which will significantly increase the economy, power, and efficiency of movements, as well as the ability to quickly transition from inferior movements to overcoming ones (from protective to attacking and vice versa).These exercises get the body accustomed to accumulating and releasing potential energy.
This ability of the body and nervous system, will, in the near future, be fundamental in determining the athletic potential of each athlete and will be a key factor in the development of world athletics.

Written by Rustam Saadvakass, creator of the method and inventor of the high-speed Evnik simulator.

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