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Working on a sports equipment is an integral part of a boxer's life!
Today I will show you our improved version of the work.
It includes many skills that will further help you master professional equipment in a shorter period of time.

What you need to know before you start training

Sports equipment training can give a good training effect. We can work out both single punches and various combinations. Train hard punching, do speed-strength training. And besides that, this is a great variety if you are training at home alone.

However, training on sports equipment can be quite traumatic, especially if we are talking about beginners.
I've coached some young guys and girls who had some less than positive experience with the punching bag. Therefore, I can tell you about their mistakes and prevent unnecessary injuries before you get them. 
In addition to injuries, improper training in sports equipment can harm the technique of punch, etc. Therefore, you and I will not train on sports equipment, as is customary to do in normal cases "according to the standard."
I compiled this workout specifically for beginners and those who are just starting to practice this type of training.


Why do you need to train with EVNIK on a punching bag?

EVNIK has several qualities that make sports equipment training more "Efficient", "Professional" and "Safe".


Training the professional skill "ACCENT on punch", which is very difficult to learn without EVNIK.


Increasing the punch speed by accelerating at the end point of the movement.


After punching, you immediately get feedback on the quality of your punch in the form of clap volume. And this is indispensable for solo training and quality control.


Explosive strength training.


Increased concentration.Increased concentration.


Reducing the chance of injury.


50 to 70% increase in workout efficiency

Before moving on to this workout, I recommend going through the "Straight punch training". This will lay the foundation for an understanding of how to deliver a straight punch and instill the necessary initial skills.


Razminka ENG.jpg


Do these simple exercises to prepare your body for work.

Ex. 1 Do 10 rotations in each direction.
Ex. 2 Pull the shoulders of the arms and triceps 10 times for each arm.
Ex. 3 Pull your arms up 10 times.
Ex. 4 Do 15 times.
Ex. 5 Do 15 times.
Ex. 6 Do 20 spins.
Ex. 7 15 times in each direction.
Ex. 8 15 each leg.
Ex. 9 Perform 15 tilts.

Many do not like to warm-up, and often ignore the warm-up.
But our body will not work at 100% if we do not prepare it and wake-up all body systems


Warm-up at a pace that is comfortable for you, but not slowly. The warm-up is the beginning of the workout, and all movements should be active and energetic.

Shadowboxing with EVNIK

2.1 - Jab 20 times

1 - Take EVNIK's hand in "Shield" position

слайд 19 - Дельфин.png
Слайд 23 - передняя 01 4x5.tif


2.2 - Without rest, transfer the machine to the other hand and hit the cross 20 times.

Слайд 23 - дальняя 01 4x5.tif

3 - After landing 20 jabs and 20 crosses rest 30 - 60 seconds.
And repeat 2 more times.
In total, you should get 60 hits with one hand.

EVNIK home trainer! Therefore, when you work with a shadow, it is important for you to pay attention to the work of the simulator!
The simulator itself will tell you how to work and let you know how well you punch.

1 - Evnik Bend: See that the EVNIK bends at the end. The bend of the simulator speaks of the speed of punching and of the accent. Without an accent, the simulator will not bend.
2 - Clap on the arm: If the EVNIK slaps the arm hard after the punch, then this indicates that you are staying after the punch or you are slowly returning the hand after the punch. In general, you run the risk of missing a punch from an opponent. You need to move your hand back faster.
There are some more EVNIK signals, but I'll talk about them later, focus on these two for now.


Shadowboxing + Punches on sports equipment

You and I are moving on to a very important part, we will combine shadowboxing and punching the sports equipment.
Put on thin gloves so that you can take the EVNIK in them.

FIRST: Stand close to the sports equipment, and land 2 quality punches in the air. Make sure EVNIK bends at the end. Here your goal is to deliver fast, accentuated and long punches.
It is important to take long punches, not short ones.

Слайд 23 - передняя 01 4x5.tif


3 Передная вплотную 5x5.tif

SECOND: following the same principle, deliver 2 high-quality punches to the sports equipment. See what it should look like.

So do 2 sets of 32 punches (16 in the air and 16 in the equipment).
Then switch hands and punch with the other hand. Do 3 sets.

1 - An important moment when you have completed air punches and move on to punching the equipment. You have to keep your punching length, speed, relaxation and accent! The bottom line is to transfer the punching technique from shadow boxing to sports equipment.

2 - When you punch the sports equipment, listen to how loud the clap from the simulator turned out to be. Clap talks about the accent. The stronger the clap, the better the accent and the power of punch.

3 - First punch from the spot. (Don't step your feet.) Choose a comfortable position, a comfortable distance and focus only on punches. When you can control the technique and quality of the punch, you can add a step with your foot.

1 а AP4B9274 с графикой без фона ENG - голубой.png

Punches on sports equipment

So, we have the last exercise left with you!
Perform punches on sports equipment.
You need to do 15 jabs in a row, then 15 crosses in a row, then rest for 30 seconds. And do 1 more set.

A total of 30 punches on one hand and 30 on the other hand.


3 Передная вплотную 5x5.tif
4 Дальная вплотную 5x5.tif

1- Be sure to wear thin gloves.

2- Your fist should touch the bag, that is, you hit with your fist and the EVNIK at the same time.

3- Do not forget about the clap, the louder it is, the better the accent and the higher the force of the punch.

1 а AP4B9274 с графикой без фона ENG - голубой.png

Feint + Accented punch

A very interesting exercise.
The task of the exercise is to train dexterity, a sense of timing and the ability to focus on one punch.


Only "TOUCH".
Don't punch!

слайд 19 - Дельфин.png

2. Throw a jab on the "TOUCH", just gently touch the bag.

1. Take the simulator in the far hand in the "Shield" position.

4 Дальная вплотную 5x5.tif

3. Then apply a quick and long cross, hit the clap as loudly as possible.


Try throwing single hook.
The requirements are the same. You should be relaxed, your fist is in full contact with the punching bag. Your task is maximum clap


слайд 19 - Дельфин.png

1. Take the simulator in the far hand in the "Shield" position

5 1 AP4B3628.png

Land 30 punches in a row.
Then shift the simulator to your left hand and inflict 30 more punches.


Then rest for 1 min.


And repeat 1 more time.

After that, try to land 20 punches with each hand without Evnik.

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