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​Kinetic Energy +3500% (EDL)

Helps you effectively train:

Punching speed in boxing + 65%; 

Speed endurance punches + 100%;

Explosive Strength + 110%


25 Lbs in each hand during Shadow-Boxing is amazing

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Saadvakass family


First: Elastic-Dynamic Load       First: 25Lbs for shadow-boxing

The Art of Engineering - Patented Model

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Pro skills

Revolutionary mode of operation

Hard punch


Hard punch 2


5 operating modes 

for professional BOXING


2 operating modes for professional BOXING

The Elastic-Dynamic Load is +2500%

(12Lbs Elastic-Dynamic Load)

Elastic strength of muscles and tendons + 100%

Speed & Agility + 65%

Punching speed in boxing + 35%; 

Speed endurance punches + 85%;

Explosive Strength + 65%;


5 operating modes for professional BOXING

The Elastic-Dynamic Load is +3500%

(25Lbs Elastic-Dynamic Load)

Elastic strength of muscles and tendons + 120%

Speed & Agility + 65%

Punching speed in boxing + 65%; 

Speed endurance punches + 100%;

Explosive Strength + 110%;


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Elastic-dynamic load

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The best gift set for the most successful man

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If your only dad, beloved uncle, bully brother or handsome husband is fond of martial arts, then this gift is indispensable for them! Soon Christmas and New Year, what to give to relatives and close men? I want to give something original, useful and meaningful. This is the very rare case when you can give something that is not in the whole world - a revolutionary, patented, author's invention for a fighter practicing martial arts (Boxing, Karate, MMA, etc.)!

EVNIK-EDL3500 is a valuable gift that will remind you of you for more than 10 years! Every day, during a hard workout, your fighter will hold your gift in his hand, remembering you.

Surely, someone will ask him, "What is this in your hands?", He will answer, "This is a gift to my beloved!".

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7 years to create a EVNIK-EDL3500

NOTE: Evnik is the best equipment in the world for training:

Fast-twitch muscle fibers; Tendons & Ligaments; Nervous System; Fascial system.

Personal guarantee and responsibility!

Coach of the national boxing team, Guinness record coach, Author of the "Speed Method", Inventor, innovator. Author of a number of patents, including American, Japanese, Chinese, Eurasian and others. Consultant of national teams, in: Fencing; Karate; MMA, etc.
“Evnik technology has been proven over the years, proven in different countries! If you want to quickly learn professional boxing punches, then Evnik is the best solution!”

Rustam Saadvakass Argyn

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EVNIK is an invention that offers a revolutionary method of training elite fighters in Boxing, Karate and MMA. The invention is based on a new principle of action on the muscles "Elastic-Dynamic". Evnik, during work, accumulates Kinetic, Elastic and Potential energy, forcing the muscles to resist not just weight (as happens when using ordinary dumbbells or resistance rubber), but the inertia of the weight, the kinetic force of the weight Evnik. Evnik creates a load of a sudden nature, which, in turn, activates reflexes, significantly increasing the processes of adaptation: Fast (white) muscle fibers; Tendons and ligaments; Fascial system; nervous system. Due to this, Evnik is an unparalleled (in the world) equipment for boxing and martial arts.

EVNIK - 100% of your boxing skills are in your hands



The best exercise in boxing is Shadow  Boxing!




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Shadow boxing at home, in the office, in the boxing gym, with EVNIK, the result is equally fantastic!

The first Evnik1 model surprised not only boxers, but also athletes and coaches of other sports. For the first time, it became possible to train your speed, explosive strength of muscles, increase the elastic strength of tendons so quickly and effectively.


Over the course of seven years, I have received feedback from customers, learning different stories of use, of the first Evnik1 model. For example, I learned that in America, neurologists treat various nervous diseases using the Evnik method. This and other equally amazing stories helped our team focus on creating an even more incredible Evnik model.

I am proud to present to you the improved, patented model "EVNIK-EDL3500"!

The model has 5 unique modes of operation. Evnik, creates +3500% kinetic energy. Quickly, with each punch, increasing the load by more than 25Lbs.


Plus 3500% (dynamic, plyometric, ballistic load), on the muscles, tendons and nervous system - this is a world record! There is no similar sports invention in the world that can increase kinetic energy by 3500% and be effectively used in shadow boxing. For this reason, the numbers "3500" entered the name of Evnik's invention. I am sure this is a historic moment for the entire world of sport.


Please share your thoughts and feelings with us. My family has been working on this project for 7 years. Your comments are very important to us.

Rustam Saadvakass Argyn

Ask a question, give advice.

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