Training speed BOXING by those who have world’s QUICKEST PUNCHES!

EVNIK method – stealthy, fast PUNCHES – Jab, Cross, Hook, Uppercut!


Muscles work against the inertia of the load, getting a dynamic load, which is several times more useful than normal load! It is a fantastic training effect!

Did you know that EVNIK 

creates a 5-10-24 LBS load!?


Evnik is a patented technology.

MASS + SPEED = KINETIC ENERGY! Movements made with EVNIK simultaneously build-up and release a lot of energy. Oscillatory movements increase the loads produced by EVNIK 25-fold and beyond — up to 4, 8, 10, and even 12 LBS!

Evnik-1 (PRO) 4-12 LBS!

Evnik-2 (BLACK DRAGON) 8-24 LBS!



No payments and no interest for 3 months

Return within 1 year without explanation!



Durability of more than 50 years


directly from the manufacturer

ONLY HERE patented exercise equipment, original method



Buy the set at a discount and with free shipping.

Note: Increased warranty, discounts, and gifts from the Saadvakass family are only valid on the official website

Pay attention to the strength of tension, the muscles!

Accelerated Evnik transforms into a high-speed 12-18-pound dumbbell and even 24 LBS, a dynamic force!


is the perfect PUNCHES method!

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Evnik controls the wrist joint and fist during punching!
Evnik directs the movement of the arm on the optimal trajectory!
Evnik is the only trainer in the world that teaches how to apply LONG punches!
Evnik teaches how to punch from the Dead Point, from the spot, short distance to the target, Bruce Lee's technique!

I’m an independent professional sports equipment reviewer in the US, Evnik is my favorite piece of exercise equipment

Evnik performs all tasks important for students: increasing speed, emphasis, positioning the body and developing the stability of the nervous system.
In conclusion, I can't say anything but good about Evnik. I think everyone who will use it will also be happy!

Evnik's technology deserves the Nobel Prize. That’s right! Logic, efficiency, and simplicity – just off the charts.

I’m the head coach of the Gagra team.

Thanks to the Evnik Method, we won the Russian team championship. This is the first victory of such a scale in our club.


is designed to improve professional boxing punches. 
Add to your punches: strength; speed and agility; accuracy.

I used EVNIK and became the champion!

Thousands of boxers around the world are succeeding with EVNIK! Tell us how long you've been using EVNIK and leave us your feedback, we’d love to feature your story in our feed!

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