High-Speed Simulator EVNIK

Creates dynamic load of 

3-5 kg





Developing perfect technique at home

  1. Guiding Effect. Directing and coordinating punches. Guided arm movements when practicing punches.

  2. Learning to put your weight behind the punch. Evnik helps to form a habit of working with your whole body. Developing a sense of support.

  3. The effect of finished hand turn, optimizing release of energy, forming rigidity of your joint.

  4. Stretching Effect. Forming the "Long Arm" technique; developing your shoulder girdle.

  5. Rebound effect, in the opposite direction. Optimizing work of antagonist muscles, developing speed, improving protective actions.

Evnik technology has been developed by boxers. At present, it is used by national teams in boxing, Karate, MMA, etc. Evnik technology is widely used in Russia, Kazakhstan, America, Great Britain, Australia, Germany and other countries with highly developed sports.


Speed - BOXING - Technologies 100% in your HOME

SAADVAKASS Spirit of Speed and Power


Muscle contraction

Primary impulse 

Evnik – muscle accelerator

Working "Vane"

Kinetic energy

Elastic "Arcs"

Elastic Energy

Stabilizing axis

(rotary motion)

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Don't be lazy, WORK like a beast.

  • When punching the bag, create a “flap” – A POWERFUL FLAP!

  • When shadow boxing, punch fast to make Evnik SWISH!

  • Speed up Evnik so hard that it GENERATES 3-5 kg of load!

  • Boxer jogging is jogging with Evnik! GET TRIPLE BENEFITS FROM JOGGING daily! 

Just do it, Create your own story!

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