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Unique set, high-speed simulator EVNIK 1 +X1-PRO Trainer for Boxing Push-ups
Train the speed of punches, perform unparalleled techniques that come in the kit, and also train wrist strength and strengthen ligaments and tendons. Make your forearms and wrists iron.




The X1-PRO is a training tool designed to help boxers develop explosive punching power and strengthen the arm and body stabilizer muscles, tendons, and ligaments. The X1-PRO includes a patented boxing grip that allows the fighter to grip the handle with their index and middle fingers, shifting the load to the impact bones of the hand.

The X1-PRO is used during push-ups and statics, where a significant part of the load is concentrated on the wrist and wrist joints, the weakest point of impact. The balancer on which the push-ups are performed creates an unstable support and a constant jerk load, forcing more muscles to engage, especially the arm and body stabilizer muscles. This leads to a stronger wrist, stronger tendons, and stronger ligaments, resulting in a stronger punch.

In addition to strengthening the arm and body stabilizer muscles, the X1-PRO also targets the small muscles and bones of the hand, preventing frequent injuries to the boxer's hand. The constant pressure on the two knuckles also leads to non-traumatic padding and strengthening of the muscles and bones of the hand.

Overall, the X1-PRO provides a unique and revolutionary explosive load, unlike any other exercise tool on the market. It's the perfect tool for any boxer looking to develop explosive power, quickly tense and relax their muscles, and achieve the knockout effect of "light bulb shaking"!


ABOUT THE Evnik-1 High Speed Simulator


A versatile training set suitable for all levels. No punching bag or additional equipment required.

With the EVNIK-1 set, you bring a genuine boxing coach into your home. A pair of EVNIK  will keep you engaged and active throughout your workout. Whether you're contemplating boxing for the first time or you're a seasoned athlete, the EVNIK-1 set comes highly recommended.

EVNIK BOXING SPEED: Designed to enhance your professional boxing strikes, particularly SHADOW BOXING! It adds speed, agility, and precision to your strikes.

EVNIK BOXING WEIGHT: EVNIK utilizes patented technology. It combines MASS (weight) and SPEED to generate KINETIC ENERGY! EVNIK stores and releases significant energy while in motion. Its side-to-side oscillating motion can increase the "EVNIK Small Kettlebells" from 25x to 4, 8, and 12 lbs!

GUARANTEED: Enhance the strength in your wrists, elbows, and shoulders for boxing! Pay attention to the muscle tension experienced by shadow boxers. As it accelerates, EVNIK transforms into a 12-pound "speed dumbbell" of "dynamic power"!

BOXING AT HOME: This is among the finest boxing equipment; toss it in your bag and take it with you. Even Olympic boxing teams use speed weights for home workouts during quarantine! You can practice your speed and power in the comfort of your home and office. You can even strengthen your arms in your car, in the back seat, or on your way to work—it's truly versatile!

Neil D. Myers says, "This leads to changes in muscle and nervous system responses that are nearly impossible to replicate with other equipment. Most machines are designed to produce relatively slow pushing or pulling forces. In contrast, this ingeniously simple product generates dynamic, explosive force while causing muscles to contract and relax at an extraordinary rate. It's an exceptional value!"

Evnik-1 High Speed Simulator +X1-PRO Trainer for Boxing Push-ups

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