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The X1-PRO is a training tool designed to help boxers develop explosive punching power and strengthen the arm and body stabilizer muscles, tendons, and ligaments. The X1-PRO includes a patented boxing grip that allows the fighter to grip the handle with their index and middle fingers, shifting the load to the impact bones of the hand.

The X1-PRO is used during push-ups and statics, where a significant part of the load is concentrated on the wrist and wrist joints, the weakest point of impact. The balancer on which the push-ups are performed creates an unstable support and a constant jerk load, forcing more muscles to engage, especially the arm and body stabilizer muscles. This leads to a stronger wrist, stronger tendons, and stronger ligaments, resulting in a stronger punch.

In addition to strengthening the arm and body stabilizer muscles, the X1-PRO also targets the small muscles and bones of the hand, preventing frequent injuries to the boxer's hand. The constant pressure on the two knuckles also leads to non-traumatic padding and strengthening of the muscles and bones of the hand.

Overall, the X1-PRO provides a unique and revolutionary explosive load, unlike any other exercise tool on the market. It's the perfect tool for any boxer looking to develop explosive power, quickly tense and relax their muscles, and achieve the knockout effect of "light bulb shaking"!

X1-PRO Trainer for Boxing Push-ups

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