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Product full name: Evnik-2 high-speed simulator (pair) - train punching speed -develop explosive punches for knockout power - perfect shadow-boxing - best boxing gift!



If you're a boxer looking to improve your knockout abilities, you've likely heard that genetics play a major role in determining your speed and explosive power. However, with Evnik technology, you can break through those barriers and reach your full potential. .............................. By optimizing the work of antagonist muscles, activating the nervous system, and increasing the mass of fast-twitch muscles, Evnik can significantly improve your speed abilities. In fact, world records for the speed of strikes have been set with the help of Evnik. ........................ One of the key factors in delivering a knockout blow is the strength of your wrist and the correct position of your fist at the moment of impact. Evnik is the world's first boxing simulator to place the weight above the fist rather than in the palm, which provides a high-quality training of the wrist and forearm muscles and optimizes the position of the fist at impact. With Evnik, you can improve your knockout abilities like never before.   .......................... But Evnik doesn't just improve your physical abilities – it also instills a sense of an accented blow. The emphasis of the blow and the release of the mass of the blow in the final phase determine the strength and hardness of the blow, making it incredibly important for boxers to master this technique. ....................... With Evnik, you can learn smart and technical boxing skills that only talented boxers know. Its unique design helps you develop the feeling of speed and power in your punches at the level of muscle sensitivity, biomechanics, and mental awareness. ........................... And the best part? You can train at home and still achieve elite boxing skills without relying on a gym or a trainer. .......................  If you're serious about improving your knockout abilities, consider investing in Evnik technology. With its unique design and proven results, you can take your boxing skills to the next level and reach your full potential as a fighter.

Evnik-2 high-speed simulator (pair) - train punching speed -develop

  • What skills does Evnik-2 train?

    • Starting speed 100%
    • Strength of tendons and ligaments, connective tissues.  120%
    • Speed and power of a short punch (Hand Swings) from 1-5 inches:  130%
    • Speed & Agility +55%

    • Punching speed in boxing + 65%;

    • Speed endurance + 90%;

    • Explosive Strength 100%
    • Motor skills 120%
  • EVNIK-2 has been on the market for four years and has proven itself among boxers and other fighters practicing various martial arts.

    EVNIK -2, creates 20Lbs Elastic-Dynamic Load!

    EVNIK -2 primarily trains: Explosive strength; The strength of the primary impulse; Muscle relaxation skill during power-speed work!


    • EVNIK -2 is designed for elite athletes: Boxing; Karate; MMA.

    • Effectively train the strength of the primary impulse of punches: Jab; Cross; Hook; Uppercut.

    • Designed for Men.

    • Predominantly trains fast-twitch muscles.

    • Particularly affects: Tendons and Ligaments; nervous system; Fascia.

    • Black color

    • EVNIK-2 has 2 operating modes: №1 Evnik technology; No. 5 "Hard Punch 2"

    • Non-slip handle surface.

    • Regular packaging.

    • Convenient, non-collapsible, integral design!

    • Attention: EVNIK -2 is recommended to be used after training with the EVNIK -1 model. (EVNIK -2, Designed to enhance the load).

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