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Тренировка мышц кора.

                                          The training of core muscles.


  • As is well-known, in combat sports, at first, sportsmen develop speed and power of striking manner, also they train the skill to do difficult protection actions: ducking, slipping, blazing rotating actions of body, where one of the most mportant muscular group, involving in work, is core muscles. The training of core muscles is necessary not only in boxng, but for all kinds of sport, where efforts, made by hand, depend on working of legs and body, so they are all competitive and athletics kinds of sport.

  • Core muscles (body frame, trunk) are group of deep dorsal and abdominal muscles and other muscles, which form special pectoral muscle sling around the spine. This pectoral muscle sling provides the spine stabilization and accomplishes a function of force transmission from legs to scapular waist and conversely. Evnik simulator and special picked exercises specifically train this muscular group.


   Speaking about core muscles, we mean not only list of aforecited muscles, but their concerted organized efforts, the most important of them are the spine fixation, maintenance of correct posture and keeping of body balance. Also, core muscles keep viscera in certain position and protect them from the external effects. The health of alimentary, genitourinary systems and good blood circulation in these areas depend on core muscles’ condition. The training of core muscles is essential contribution in our spine’s health, prophylactic of its infraction and a number of important pros. For the foregoing reasons, it’s important to train not only abdominal muscles, lower part of back, but to develop of their ability to keep correct organized work for a long time.

   The most exercises, which develop core muscles, are oriented to the development of their force and endurance. All of the previously mentioned is one side of core muscles work. Nevertheless, there is another, not less important side (in sport sphere it is even fundamental side), which appears in the fact that core muscles together with spine provide strong and secure connection and cooperation between legs and scapular waist, so because of it there is a very important function – force transmission from legs to scapular waist and conversely. Except for important forceful and enduring skills, the significant importance is quickness, speed of core muscles involving, and as a result power of the whole maneuver. 

   This is evidently in those cases, when it’s necessary to do flick, fast, complex coordinated maneuver (for example, hand punch in boxing, throw of the ball, swing of the bat etc.), when energy from legs must be caught up and developed by speedy and powerful core muscles involving. That’s why, we strongly encourage to develop the speedy skills of this muscular group. These speedy skills will create the most powerful impulse, which will make a significant contribution into general speed and power of maneuver.

Evnik simulator is oriented to development of these skills. It turns on core muscles in the truest sense of the word, provides their momentum involving in general work. It involves not only big, but the smallest, underdeveloped and not active muscles of this group.

   Such special muscular work pattern is possible because of the element of suddenness, forces of inertia and vibro-wave, which is in the whole body during the each whipping of simulator. The simulator is external stimulus, in answer to which our body (in particular, core muscles) reacts rational, fast and the best way. In the end, we awake and train of the most natural and rational regime of muscular work, which entrenches and develops its speedy, forceful and other skills.


Evnik simulator and correct picked exercises train and develop the core muscles very effectively.


                                       Evnik and training of nervous system.


    It’s impossible to do any physical exercises or even ordinary movement without participating of nervous system. Consequently, any movement naturally leaves its mark in nervous level, where systematic movements leads to the strengthening of muscle memory and forming of movement stereotypes. In turn, movement stereotypes, fixed in the nervous level, finally determine your sport skills, which either give professionalism to your movements or make them “awkward” with significant deviation from movement manner, using in particularly in one or another kind of sport. 
Multifunctual Evnik
Move aside the inhibitory process of nervous system.
   Training with evnik simulator involves our neuromuscular system into special work pattern, in which there is forming of speed skills, elaboration and strengthening of professional movement skills, practicing of movement coordination. all of them happen working together with perfection of our nervous system, which, adapted to new work, improves its functional abilities. passing of nervous processes and efficiency of their deployment become easier, the processes of fatigue move aside, and as a result of slowdown of nervous system, there is its resistance to speed work. 
Involving into the special speed pattern of muscular work.
   The construction of Evnik simulator means the making of fast, speedy movements. Along with that, Evnik simulator is able to build up and give the power to your maneuver, involving your muscles into such work pattern, in which there is coherent and maximum fast alternation of eccentric, isometric and concentric phases of muscular contractions, in process of which there is generation, accumulation and release of potential elastic energy, which is concealed in different levels of organization of bode biomechanics, which make a serious contribution in speed, accent and power of maneuver. Our neuro-muscular apparatus is stimulated, its reactive skills are developed. Such process is available for us thank to Evnk simulator, which provokes and controls all of these muscular contractions phases during its whipping, leaving the indelible mark in the nervous level.
Direct effect.
   Thank to “direct effect”, created by Evnik (it means that during each maneuver the simulator as if directs your body in the most effective trajectory, sharpened your coordination), the hand (along with it other body parts), move easy and harmonically without leaps like train on rails, without departure from straight trajectory. You feel comfort, get necessary technical skills, work out professional movement pattern. The very direct effect lets you amass muscle memory about correct maneuver, in course of time and quite quickly forming movement patterns which are necessary for you.
Improve the muscle memory.

   Taking into account, that each repeat of honed by us maneuver (thank to direct effect), happens according to one, the most optimal trajectory with involving of one and the same muscular groups, there is the improving of muscle memory and quick forming of movement pattern, which entrenches in the nervous level and gives us new professional movement skill.

All the above mentioned effects of trainings with Evnik simulator, have wonderful training effect on your nervous system generally, develop neuro-muscular apparatus. 

It’s said that it’s more difficult to retrain the professional sportsman than to teach from the ground up – now it’s not like that with Evnik!

    With Evnik simulator, which influences the central nervous system, forming new movement skills quickly and successfully, we are able to grapple with “old” (less effective) movement patterns, in the “old” basis of which there isn’t successful sport career. Getting, during the making of special exercises, new technically improved skills, you are near to your own breakthrough In development of your neuro-muscular interrelation. There are exercises, effect from which are so noticeable and sensible even after ten exercises with Evnik!

In the end, the trainings with Evnik (because of acceleration of vibro-wave in the body and awaking of high-frequency signals) improve the cooperation of muscular contractions and (because of stretch-reflexes) improve the consolidation of muscular efforts. Evnik is revolution in sport.


Эвник и тренировка нервной системы.
Тренировка нервно-мышечной

                      Training of neuro-muscular coordination of movements.


   Systematic trainings with Evnik simulator conduce patching up maximum rational coordinative relations between muscular groups, participating in movement. As a result of this, there is a stable and more expedient structure of move which forms with concentration of efforts in optimal point of trajectory of movements (striking, swinging, jerking and other impulsive combined impact). The skills to accent the efforts during the movements, along with power rating progress very quickly and clearly, so the quickness of accomplishment increases. As a result, the physical capacity (for example, straight hand punch) goes to new, higher and qualitative level of its development. Evnik simulator, and specifically, its working principle, design features, its material properties, is the stimulus, which involves our neuromuscular apparatus into intensive and effective working pattern, developing in it aforecited “adjustments”. 
   Taking into account that these movements have particular variability of execution, and different quality of eventual result, evnik simulator generates and improves the very variant, which is more important and expedient. it happens due to simulator, at the moment of flowing motion of hand, doesn’t release the energy but accumulates it, expecting the moment, when the hand intends to do fast and accent acceleration,  in the very moment of sudden acceleration, when sportsman’s hand tries to give to shell (spear, ball, tennis racket) bigger inpulse and kinetic energy (accumulating the elastic energy, which charge happens along with force transfer into the simulator’s handle and muscle) creats purposeful load in those muscular groups, due to of which work accent acceleration happened. 

     This is revolutionary approach to the training of strikes and swings of explosive and accent manner, which take place in many kinds of sport, but which are impossimble to train with maintenance of all technical nuances. Evnik simulator like biocomputer instantly reacts at all speedy changes and involves into difficult trajectories of all possible movements, which we use in competitive and athletics kinds of sport, it gives colossal opportunities for the experiment in the trainings. The result is Jerk, Fast, Explosive movements, with using of potential energy more than metabolic one.

     Nowadays, Evnik is the most mysterious simulator in the world, which advantages are undeniable, but the Evnik’s potential isn’t completely explored.


Тренировка быстроты движений.

                                     The training of quickness of maneuvers.


    The quickness of maneuvers is one of the main moving abilities of person, which is important not in sport but in daily activities too. Its development is one of the most important sides of good physical conditional of a person and realization by him his functional abilities.
    Evnik simulator gives you’re an opportunity to do your personal breakthrough in development of this skill and propel to new, next, more advanced level. You will learn to do jerky, fast and professional maneuvers. There will be increasing not only speed of single maneuvers, but also their frequency, tempo, which you can keep. The starting speed (the sharpness) and motor response. It’s importantly, you don’t need to spend too much time for reaching of good results.  

All of this development is possible thank to miraculous impact of Evnik simulator on different levels of organism organization and complex of awake effects in organism, which are combined under one name: Evnik effect. The exercises without analogues in the world conduce the speed development. These exercises are specially created for exact goals and tasks and they are altogether in the methodologies.
Starting with the first trainings, the simulator forms and reinforces correct manner of doing maneuver, gradually bringing the maneuver to automatism. According to researches, regular trainings with Evnik simulator lead to the fact, that drilling maneuver becomes more lightsome and automatized to do, that shorts reaction time and increases the quickness of maneuver. It’s in particular because of “Direct effect”, “Reaching effect” etc.
But important contribution in the speed of maneuver is the simulator ability to stimulate the accumulation of additional energy in muscles and ligaments. This additional energy is potential energy. The last, in turn, is used as forceful addition in the power of muscular contractions, creating the effect of sudden acceleration. Nevertheless, even after finish of positive phase of maneuver, the simulator conduces (thank to accumulated elastic energy) fast hand backup in the original stance, we are helped by “effect, reverse to stretch-reflex”, forming and reinforcing the skill.

Even during of making seemingly “easy” and facile exercises with Evnik, the results of muscular force and ligaments, their elasticity, movability in joints increase. In other words, there is forming and development of a row of objective conditions for improving of quickness of professionally making exercises.

Now you know how the Evnik simulator stimulates the boost of speed in all maneuvers stages, beginning with start and finishing with backup of hand, body and legs in the original stance, forming principal new speedy muscular work pattern. 

We are proud that Evnik can help

                          We are proud that Evnik can help you lose weight!  


The vibration can help you get rid of fat and make your bones stronger! 

It's well known, that vibrations help get rid of extra fat, but what else will happen if vibrations are created with Evnik simulator?


In 1981 the director of the biotechnology center in the Stony Brook University in New York Clinton T. Rubin with his collegues began to study the reasons of why the aging and physical inactivity are accompanied with the bones’ softening.
After turning 35 a human starts loosing 2% of bone mass every ten years. However, this formule has the other side. A hand, in which a tennis player is holding a racket, has a 35% more bone volume than a hand of an ordinary person. What are the mechanisms, that changes a tennis player hand so much?
The scientists found out that formation of bone cells depends on high frequency but weak mechanic vibrations.
Vibrations are produced by muscles. When you compress the muscles, they create a slight vibration, which is a singnal, launching the growth of the bone cells. This vibration that arises during the work of muscles in a tennis player’s hand gives a signal to the hand bones that it’s time to gain strength. (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences)
Something like that we see in people, who train with Evnik: reducing of fat and absence of bone and entire ligamentous tendon complex injuries, despite the traumatic athlete’s activities.
Evnik can make a vibration of a special frequency, because only it manages to put the muscles under intensive and impact strain, dispersing the vibration wave through the entire body up to feet. We don't have an access to special equipment to collect all the necessary scientific data about the level and the frequency of muscle vibration that arises when we use Evnik, but the practical observation is inspiring. Evnik is might be a solution that our educational system needs, from kinder-gardens and schools to rehabilitation centers. 
Мы гордимся тем что Эвник нужен

                      We are proud that professional sportsmen need Evnik! 



It is difficult to imagine, how these boys and girls had been training without Evnik…

From now on, the most difficult hand movements, requiring quickness, power and accuracy of the trajectory, can be practiced with the help of Evnik!  

Highly qualified coach knows that accuracy of movement, its power and speed rating depends on several hardly trained components.

Evnik is the solution of many problems for coachers and their teams.

I designed the simulator, which, due to its constructive features, is able to ergonomically fit into complex trajectory amplitude of movements, (striking, swinging, jerking and other impulsive and combined explorations) creating the tension in movement produce segments not available before, and via stimulation of the central nervous system can lead to the apparent improvement of many athlete indicators. 

Evnik is so useful that you can already feel the positive effect after 10 movements


Evnik and Evnik effect are your benefits in sports grounds. 

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