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The Evnik effect or the Sped Up Video effect is a new effect and phenomenon in athletic practice. 

It is derived from a distinctive rhythm an athlete acquires while training with Evnik simulator. This specific fast paced rhythm is what makes it difficult for your opponent to properly identify and react to your feints and punches.


A simple fact: during workout everybody utilizes the same training equipment and methods, which inevitably impacts our movement patterns. As a result, we often come across opponents with comparable speed and technical abilities. Our visual memory gets used to the movement patterns of other people and, in the context of competition, we can easily detect all the tricks and feints of our opponents.


Evnik, on the other hand, engages your neuromuscular system differently, making it work faster and more cohesively. Such method of neuromuscular training develops unique skills which your opponents have never encountered before. They simply will not have the time to adjust and adapt to your movements. The opponent’s perception can hardly detect the new movements as the rhythm itself, the pace and the speed have improved. This is the result of the Evnik effect: the opponent perceives you as a sped up video. It makes your opponent’s job more difficult, forcing one to strain his optic, mental and refectory abilities to correctly recognize the patterns of your movement and react accordingly. 


As a result, the effect of Evnik can be extremely valuable for athletes.

The Evnik effect – brings together and consolidates the efforts of a number of other effects, (see below) triggered on various levels of our bodily structure.

The Evnik simulator generates energy at the moment of the eccentric muscular contraction (MC), accumulates the energy at the moment of the isometric MC, and intensifies the release of these energies at the moment of the concentric MC (transforming the aggregate of the energies generated into strength and speed). It is this predictability of reactions of the neuromuscular system, in response to the stimulation caused by the Evnik simulator, that makes training highly effective.

Uncommonly fast, strong, accurate, and articulated movements performed at the level demonstrated by the sportsmen using Evnik in their training fascinate many sporting experts. Our persistent research together with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has shown that there are no technologies or simulators anywhere in the world that could create a similar load on the neuromuscular system in order to develop such cutting-edge athletic skills in your body.


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