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Boxing workout at home,
or workout in the boxing gym? 

Author: Rustam Saadvakass 29 april 2022 г.

In today's world, where there is little time and a lot of worries, Millions of people are forced to train boxing at home, on their own. When training at home, people do not believe in a good result, because all boxing experts claim that training at home is not effective and not correct. After reading this article, you will understand that training at home can be not only effective and correct, but also irreplaceable.

I specialize in training gifted children, I have also worked with Olympic boxing teams, champions and world stars in Fencing, Water Polo, Karate, MMA, etc. The success of my athletes lies in the fact that their home workouts helped them discover their hidden talents, their innate predisposition. Before my eyes, completely ordinary (at first glance) athletes turned into boxing champions. All my students start training under the “gifted children” program and it doesn’t matter if we train in a boxing gym or at home, the training itself does not change.


Today, I will reveal to you some of our secrets that will make your workouts take on a whole new meaning.

Why do I recommend starting boxing training on your own, at home?

There is a myth that if you do boxing on your own at home, you will not achieve high results in sports.

In fact, many boxing champions began with independent home training, in the yard, on the street. Many did not have the opportunity to pay a boxing coach and attend a boxing gym.

Strong motivation is primarily important, to change something in your life. Being at home, in complete calmness, future champions immersed themselves in their thoughts, their bodies, thought about their physical capabilities. After some time, they "fell" into the hands of a good boxing coach, and became world champions. Self-training provides irreplaceable benefits, which we will discuss below.

Mr. Rustam Maratovich Saadvakass Author of "Speed Method", Scientist, Inventor, Innovator, Author of American, Japanese and more than 50 PATENTS.

Coach of the national boxing team.

Olympic Team Consultant: Kazakhstan; Russia; Hungary; Canada.

Raised the most incredible Wunderkind in the history of martial arts, his daughter Evnika Saadvakass!

Benefits of boxing self-training at home.

The advantage of self-training is that you can better tune in to your own “Search for Your Talent” feelings.


Few people say that professional boxers spend a lot of time all alone, focusing on their feelings, muscles, movements. Being aware of the movements, the athlete makes a breakthrough in training!


The mood for independent training, a clear understanding of “What you really need!”, Internal motivation for the result, will give an incredible potential for development. If such an attitude and mattivation are backed up with the right method of home training, then the result will be amazing.

For example, I recommend using the proven “Boxing at Home - Activate Your Genetic Talent!” method, which will teach you how to work with your own body, reveal hidden features, and reveal the inherent strength and speed potential.

“You can practice for 7 years, in a boxing gym under the supervision of a not particularly talented coach, thoughtlessly, not in your own style, throwing hundreds of punches in the air and not achieving any results in boxing. On the contrary, you can spend 6 months on “thoughtful” training and increasing concentration without leaving your home. Independently, understand their advantages; hidden opportunities; reveal your style; find comfortable hits. Then, within the next year, become a champion!”


Best Boxing Equipment for home: “High-Speed Evnik”

In the past, when conventional boxing training methods existed, it was incredibly difficult to organize an effective workout at home. This is why boxing trainers claim that self-training at home is not effective. This situation was qualitatively changed by the “High-Speed Evnik”, an original invention that has already made a splash in martial arts. High-Speed Evnik provides a number of qualitative changes in the organization of the training process at home. Evnik is responsible for high-quality training of explosive strength, speed, and most importantly, due to his design features, he is able to correct the technique of punches, and he does it better than any boxing coach!


For example, it is difficult to convey in words to a student, to explain what it means to hit an “accented punch” in boxing. It is even more difficult to teach a student to deliver an “accented punch” with a high-quality “reset” of energy. A large number of boxers cannot learn this in 5 years or even 12 years of training! In turn, picking up the “High-Speed Evnik” you can immediately feel what it means to deliver an accented blow. Your muscles will feel it. With your mind, you still may not understand this, but at the level of muscles, you begin to feel it well. On the third day of training, you begin to control your feelings.

Evnik significantly expands the sensitive capabilities of your muscles, pushes the limits of body-sensation, increases the power of consciousness, raises body control to a whole new level.

The highest level of bliss, when you feel how explosive muscle contraction transfers force to the tendons, and the tendons, in turn, activate their maximum elastic properties in order to create a quick, explosive acceleration of the hand.

“High-speed Evnik” is arranged in such a way that “polysyllabic” specific information (about difficult to use hitting technique) is simplified for the user to understand. The user easily understands that before, we coaches had to explain months and years to our students. When a student visits a boxing gym, he is confronted with a lot of conflicting information. Punching is not a natural movement of the body. For this reason, boxing lessons are difficult for 95% of students. In the boxing gym, training according to the old method, Talented students learn complex movements quite quickly, and those guys and girls whose talent is not discovered cannot learn boxing lessons, even after several years of diligent training.
That is why I made it a rule to first develop a person's talent, and only after that, with “quick steps”, the student will move from “class to class”, effectively learning boxing at home.




Why, before going to the boxing gym, do you need to train hard at home, on your own?

In addition to the fact that training at home, with the right method, will allow you to work on unlocking your innate potential and talent, there is another reason why it is necessary to start boxing at home. It's about "getting the attention" of the coach. When your trainer sees you in his boxing gym, he will watch you for exactly 2 minutes. The purpose of this observation is to understand what you are capable of, what are your natural sports skills, do you have even an "inch" of talent in you?! If not, an experienced coach will determine this in 2 minutes, and will no longer pay due attention to you. He will still give you various tasks, but will not waste his time analyzing your skills, as he is "convinced" that you have "no" talent.

Each sport has its own specific requirements for athletes. Even if you enter the gym for the first time, your body must be able to show itself favorably, to show its abilities. Any coach will look for your potential. It is bitter to admit this, and ashamed of my colleagues, but this is how the training process in boxing works. The coach spends his time only on those athletes who, in the long run, can become champions. A trainer usually has from 30 to 50 students, such a number of students does not allow to provide quality attention to each individual. It is physically impossible to work with every student in a large group, at 100%... For this reason, when training at home on your own, you strive to reveal your primary qualities, which, later, the coach will definitely pay attention to.

If the coach liked you, then he will devote more time to you, he will look at you more often through the other 30 athletes. Still, this is also not enough from the efforts of the coach. Even if you train for yourself, you should demand more coaching attention to yourself, as the speed and quality of training will affect not only your boxing skills, but will also affect the formation of your character, charisma, confidence. As a result, boxing training will shape your “self-perception”, will affect your personal life, the results in your business. The more successful you are in boxing, or in any other form of martial arts, the higher your life standards will be, the brighter your victories in your personal life and the more confident your decisions will be.


"Your mind and your body is a sacred vessel, fill it with love and the efforts of professional specialists, do not be careless in your training."


In which case, training in the boxing gym is not replaceable?

If a boxing coach, from the first days, will deal with you personally, or in a group of 2-4 people, then you can train with a trainer!
If a boxing coach is highly qualified, knows how to discover your features and develop them (in a relaxed environment), knows how to identify talent, then you can safely start training with a trainer in a boxing gym!


When is it better to train at home than in a boxing gym with a trainer?

If another 15-20 people train with you in a regular boxing gym, and the coach does not explanatory work with you and does not give you personal tasks, then it is better to start training at home, there will be dozens of times more benefits!

It’s bad if in the boxing gym, the coach makes you (from the first days) do push-ups, hit the projectiles, perform a lot of slow movements. Makes "shadow boxing" work without the use of special simulators to control equipment, does not conduct explanatory work, does not give personal tasks, then it is better not to visit this trainer, but to organize training at home on your own! If in the first six months, the trainer forces you to train in tandem with other boxers, work out punches and techniques on each other, then it’s better not to visit this trainer, but to organize independent training at home!

Most likely, these trainers are not familiar with modern training methods and use obsolete methods, on the principle of “dropout”.

Boxing training at home can reveal your sports potential and give a lot of health

In most cases, about 95% of all boxers who have chosen to train in the boxing gym, according to the old method, for the rest of their boxing career, will not be able to master the learned techniques at the highest level, to bring them to automaticity. This is a worldwide boxing problem. All boxing coaches know this problem, but they tend to keep silent about it.

This is due to a methodological mistake and not knowing how to reveal the talent of an athlete. The whole system in boxing works on the principle of “screening out”, this is when, out of thousands of recruits who came to boxing, in the end, one or two talented athletes are selected, who is worth spending time and energy on ... It sounds sad, but such are the realities of a professional sport and not only in boxing.

The World Sports System is not aimed at developing your talent, there are no special methods and approaches for this. For example, 1 million people live in your city. Why should a coach waste time and energy on a person who has no talent (according to the coach). It is easier for a coach to find one talented athlete out of 1 million people and train him. The coach strives for his athlete to glorify him as a specialist. For this reason, the world education system, in practice, does not strive to educate every person equally.

The sports system and science do not know how to work with hidden talents. Therefore, in sports, there are still obsolete systems for selecting athletes and the most cruel selection system in boxing! Boxing cripples our children and it hurts me. In this connection, my family and I created a method of teaching boxing without injury and harm.

The thing is that any movement in boxing, any technique, whether it be a strike, defense, slip or movement, must be performed with feeling - using your sports talent. Boxing as a sport - loves talented people! Only for talented people, boxing will allow them to stay longer in sports and not lose their health. In this connection, at first you need to work on revealing your talent, and only after that you start accumulating practical experience by visiting the boxing gym. If you feel that you have already revealed your talents and activated the best abilities of your body, then you can safely go to any boxing section. Talent will help you cope with all the shortcomings of the teaching method.

Many of my athletes were not talented from birth. We had to work for a long time to activate the hidden potential, to reveal the predisposition. Having passed a certain path of development, my daughters became boxing champions, won a number of international tournaments, and broke Guinness records!


How to start self-training at home?

From the article, you learned that there are proven, progressive methods for training boxing at home, for example, the “Boxing at Home - Activate Your Genetic Talent!” method. If you are still in doubt, and don’t know which sport is better to learn (first of all), boxing, wrestling, kickboxing or karate, in order to improve your self-defense, then you can read the article “Which sport is best for self defense?

From this article, you will learn that boxing has a number of advantages over other sports. You can learn boxing faster and more efficiently, and use the skills in different life situations. If you decide to learn boxing at home, you can get acquainted with the key skills that you need to train first - SPEED, AGGRESSION, ACCURACY! Then you can choose the mode of the training process that suits you. After that, you can start real training at home, according to the “Boxing at Home - Activate Your Genetic Talent!” method.

Do not forget, 30 days of training will fly by very quickly, and the benefits from them will remain with you for almost a lifetime! Try starting your workout today. Millions of people could not start training right away, on the very first day, at the moment when they decided to start training. It's really not easy, I also didn't always start training after I decided to start training again. If this evening, you can do some introductory exercises, then you are a hero to all these millions of people, and you are a hero to me!



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