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Carlo Rosauro

I’m an independent professional sports equipment reviewer in the US, Evnik is my favorite piece of exercise equipment

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Galina Schaydurova

About two years ago I came across information about Evnik and decided to try it. We took two Evniks to see how it worked. Later we bought a bigger batch!

We are very happy with the results! It’s great for developing speed, crazy strength, very good for developing your nervous system’s stamina. I also like how it teaches to group yourself.

Many Russian, international, and world champions have been raised in our club. We do kyokushin karate professionally, and the Evnik meets our requirements.

Now all the guys who are involved in sports work with Evnik quite a lot, mostly at the beginning of training.

Evnik performs all the important tasks for students: increases speed, accent, body positioning, and the development of the nervous system stability.

In conclusion, I have only good things to say about Evnik. I think everyone who uses it will also be happy!


Sergey Samoylov

Evnik's technology deserves the Nobel Prize. That’s right! Logic, efficiency, and simplicity – just off the charts.


Elizbar Jologua

I’m the head coach of the Gagra team.

Thanks to the Evnik Method, we won the Russian team championship. This is the first victory of such a scale in our club.