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Become Elite: Enroll in the Saadvakass Boxing Method Trainer Certification Program!

Unlock the Gateway to Mastery: Join our exclusive Saadvakass Boxing Method Trainer Certification Program and revolutionize your coaching journey! Gain access to groundbreaking techniques and patented equipment designed to accelerate learning tenfold. Stand out in the competitive training landscape and attract clients seeking top-tier expertise. Elevate your skills, empower your students, and become a leader in modern boxing training. With our certification, you don't just train; you transform lives.

Your benefits

Competitive Advantage: Being certified in the Saadvakass Boxing Method provides trainers with a significant edge in the competitive training market, setting them apart from non-certified peers.

Acceleration of Obtained Results: Trainers proficient in the Saadvakass Method can accelerate the results obtained by their students, allowing them to progress faster and achieve their goals more efficiently.

Diversity of Techniques: Our certification equips trainers with a diverse range of techniques and strategies, enabling them to cater to various learning styles and individual needs of their students.

Enhanced Credibility: Certification adds credibility to trainers' expertise, instilling trust and confidence in potential clients seeking high-quality instruction.


Increased Client Base: With certification, trainers can attract a broader clientele base, including those specifically seeking out the Saadvakass Method for its effectiveness and innovation.


Personal Satisfaction: Certification brings a sense of personal achievement and satisfaction, knowing that trainers have met rigorous standards and are recognized for their expertise in the field.

Описание программы

Our certification program encompasses a comprehensive array of benefits, including exclusive access to four proprietary techniques and specialized shadow boxing sessions utilizing the cutting-edge EVNIK equipment.

1. **First Speed Technology**: Master the art of swift strikes with our proprietary "First Speed Technology," allowing trainees to double their striking speed and gain a competitive edge in the ring.

2. **Stabilization**: Develop impeccable stability and balance through our "Stabilization" technique, enhancing overall performance and reducing the risk of injury during intense bouts.

3. **Best Hook**: Perfect your hook with our exclusive "Best Hook" method, honing your technique to deliver powerful and precise blows that leave opponents reeling.

4. **Jab Mastery**: Elevate your jab to new heights with our specialized "Jab" training, refining your technique for maximum impact and efficiency in every strike.

In addition to these advanced methods, our program offers a myriad of benefits:

- **Explosive Muscle Power**: Experience a significant increase in explosive muscle power, allowing trainees to deliver devastating blows with unparalleled force and precision.

- **Professional Fighter Skills**: Acquire the skills of a professional fighter, mastering techniques such as turning the fist, emphasizing the end of each strike, and swiftly retracting the hand for seamless defense and counterattacks.

- **Customizable Integration**: Seamlessly integrate our program into your existing training regimen, tailoring sessions to complement your specific goals and objectives.

- **Effortless Adaptability**:  our program caters to individuals of all skill levels, providing a flexible and adaptable framework for growth and improvement.

- **Practical Application**: Gain practical, real-world skills that translate directly into enhanced performance in the ring, ensuring that every minute of training contributes to tangible progress and success.

With our certification program, you'll not only elevate your skills but also revolutionize your approach to boxing training, unlocking new levels of proficiency, power, and precision with each session.


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