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5 Operating modes.

The operating modes (Further OM), first of all, changes the center of gravity of Evnik's invention, in relation to the forearm, the working hand, (while providing a comfortable grip with the palm of the hand, the handle of the device).
A change in OM affects the specifics of exercises, changes the groups of working muscles, changes the range of acting forces, at the same time, the nature and strength of the load. OM helps athletes train highly specialized skills, solve complex training problems and goals.
Below, you will get acquainted with the main, but not the only functions that are available in OM: №1; №2; №3; №4; №5.

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In mode "EVNIK Technology", practice speed, explosive muscle strength, elastic strength of tendons and ligaments. Coordinate and improve the phases of muscle contraction and relaxation (muscle antagonists and synergists). In addition, mainly increase the mass of fast (white) muscle fibers.

Evnik in OM №1, in just 5 seconds, will make the neuromuscular system perform more than 140 phases of muscle contractions. In sports and medicine, there is no such equipment or method that can so strongly activate the work of the neuromuscular system, training quickly and effectively; Speed; explosive power; elastic force, etc.

In mode №2 "PRO skills" Practice speed, explosive power, muscle reactivity, speed endurance. Mode №2 is our new discovery! It is intended for performance of special technique of exercises. It allows you to increase the time of tension of the synergist muscles (for example, the flexor muscles), and, on the contrary, reduce the time of contraction of the antagonist muscles, the extensor muscles. In the first case, by increasing the time of muscle contraction, we increase strength and endurance. In the second case, by reducing the time of contraction of muscles (antagonists), we train the reactive ability of the latter, increase their contractile capabilities, and increase explosive characteristics. №2 allows you to train the speed and power of straight punches, jab and cross with particular efficiency

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3 а IMG_1775_edited.png

In mode №3"Shadowboxing"., During the "shadow boxing", EVNIK not only creates a load on the muscles equal to - 25Lbs, but also controls the work of the hand and fist, correctly directing them during each blow. On each hit: Hook; Cross; Uppercut; Jab, your punches will be learning knockout techniques. This is how professional boxers train: forearm strength; hand strength; fist clenching reflex; hand strike accent; twice as fast as the return of the hand after an attack; knockout technique.

After using Evnik, the forearm becomes heavier, more powerful. In comparison, conventional methods and means, to a greater extent, bring up slow (red) muscle fibers, Evnik increases the mass of fast (white) muscle fibers of the forearm. Thus, Evnik controls some moments of punching technique better than most boxing coaches. Evnik and the revolutionary mode of operation №3 "Shadow-Boxing", this is a more effective method and technology, training for Boxing, Karate, MMA

Already in the first workout, your muscles and tendons are able to get 10Lbs of "Elastic-Dynamic Load". During the following workouts, the load will increase to 15Lbs, then 20Lbs and perhaps you will be able to train your muscles and tendons so well that you can increase the load to 25Lbs or more. Train your RESISTANT FORCE!

In mode "hard punch", specially designed for boxers and karatekas. In this mode of operation, fighters can successfully test and simultaneously improve "Punch Speed", "Explosive Muscle Power", "Punch Mass Reset - Punch Accent".

First goal: to practice the primary momentum and explosive power of punching. The second goal: to improve mass release and not lose kinetic power, (in the final phase of the punch). There are scientific works proving that boxers, when striking with a hand, lose their speed, at the most important moment, contact with the target. Evnik teaches to increase speed where other training aids reduce speed. For example, dumbbells, various weights, resistance bands, teach the muscles to slow down where it is important, on the contrary, increase the speed and, at the same time, the strength and rigidity of the hand strike.


The goal of the trainee is to increase the momentum of force, due to acceleration and explosive power, to give the blow a greater speed at the beginning of the movement, to learn to accumulate a greater amount of kinetic energy.

And, also, to carry out the correct discharge of kinetic energy (the mass of the impact force), in the final phase of the movement, do not lose speed, but rather increase it, forcing Evnik to bend. The more Evnik bends, the faster and stronger the blow to the target. Not every boxing coach can control this. Evnik controls it, in every move!

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5 а IMG_1775_edited.png

In mode №5 "Hard Punch 2" By the name "hard punch 2" it is clear that this is the second level of load. The main difference from OM №4  is that in OM №5, during training, speed and explosive power alone are not enough.

An important element of a hand strike is the work of the wrist joint and fist. In OM №5, Evnik has an acute degree, in relation to the forearm. In this position, Evnik-1 is difficult to bend while working. One hand strike speed is not enough. Therefore, if the trajectory of the blow and the position of the fist are incorrect, then Evnik will not bend. Insufficient speed (hand strike), as a result, accumulates a small amount of kinetic energy in the upper part of the Evnik (weight), which ultimately makes it impossible for the device to bend around the handle and fist. The goal of the trainee is to increase the momentum of force, (due to acceleration and explosive power) to give the punch more speed, learn to accumulate more kinetic energy and perform the correct punch technique, directing the fist accurately, to the target.


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