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Self-training at home boxing for self-defense

Which sport is best for self defense?
Boxing, wrestling,grappling, jujutsu, karate, kickboxing?

Author: Rustam Saadvakass 25 april 2022 г.

Before you start boxing training, you need to think again:

Which sport is better for you, boxing, wrestling, kickboxing, or karate if you intend to use your skills as a street fighter in self defense? Which best self-defense sport for you?

What is better to train first - punches, kicks, wrestling techniques?


Below we consider the main advantages and disadvantages of training punches, kicks and wrestling techniques, (for self-defense).

Benefits of Boxing and Punching:


Boxing for self-defense is perfect!  Punching will help you defend against attacks in tight spaces. Boxing skills will help repel an attack in the subway, in an elevator, an unexpected attack or capture in a car, an attack in a narrow hotel corridor.


In order to apply a strong boxing punch in a small room, for example, in an elevator, it will take only 12-20 inch to swing. The strong and fast hands of a boxer make a fighter dexterous, dangerous at any distance, in a limited space. To all this, according to martial arts statistics, hands are leaders in the number of perfect knockouts! If you hit your fist quickly and accurately, then the knockout of the opponent is guaranteed.

Boxing for street self-defense is perfect!

Mr. Rustam Maratovich Saadvakass Author of "Speed Method", Scientist, Inventor, Innovator, Author of American, Japanese and more than 50 PATENTS.

Coach of the national boxing team.

Olympic Team Consultant: Kazakhstan; Russia; Hungary; Canada.

Raised the most incredible Wunderkind in the history of martial arts, his daughter Evnika Saadvakass!


Disadvantages of using boxing punches for self-defense


From my experience, a person receives more damage not from a punch, but after an uncontrolled fall from this punch. When the opponent is standing, the opponent's head is high off the ground. If you manage to deliver a crushing punch to the head, then the opponent loses consciousness and falls to the ground, with all his strength. At this moment, his head hits a hard surface and the person receives damage incompatible with life. If a fight cannot be avoided, the conflict is caused by an ordinary quarrel with another person (this is not a kidnapping or a gangster attack), then you should not make every effort at the moment of striking with your hand. Remember that your opponent may look like an intimidating strong man, but in fact, he did not train as hard as you. You need to learn how to control the power of your punch in order to prevent accidental deaths and imprisonment. ((in prison you will have to fight more often, and the consequences will be more dangerous ...


Also, the disadvantage of punching is the fragility of the wrist joint, fingers and thin skin on the fists. If the blow is not delivered correctly, then the bones of the wrist joint are broken, the ligaments and tendons are damaged. If a blow hits the teeth, then the unprepared skin on the fist is torn and the scar remains for life. The scars on your fists remind you that you risked someone's life in order to protect your interests.

The thumb is severely injured in almost any boxing match and especially in a street fight when the finger is not protected by boxing bandages and gloves. The bones of the wrist joint usually break from a hard blow to the hard surface of the head, often when the blow falls on the forehead of an opponent. If the fists are not trained correctly, then fractures, dislocations and damage to the skin on the fists cannot be avoided.


Kickboxing, Benefits of kicking.


Kicks are beautiful and amplitude. Think Van Damme, action hero in the 90s. Kicks are very impressive and can demonstrate your training to everyone around you.

During a conflict situation, sometimes it is enough to wave your leg a couple of times in front of an opponent to stop his onslaught. It is convenient to keep the attacker at a distance with your legs. If you do not want to inflict severe damage on your opponent (with proper leg training), you can keep the bully at a distance for a long time by kicking him in the stomach or chest at the moment when he wants to quickly get close to you.

Feet can keep several attackers at a distance. If the conflict on the street is not caused by a significant quarrel, then your attackers, having received several kicks in the stomach or chest, will eventually stop and will not continue to attack you. The main thing is to show the enemy that you are ready for defense and that you have the strength to punish them.

In this situation, in addition, you need to frighten the attacker by throwing punches through the air, showing that the hands have the strength and speed in order to cause great damage. Defensive actions look like this: The opponent wants to come up and hit you with his hand or stick. You take two or three steps backwards so that the opponent's body gains the necessary speed and kinetic energy. At this moment, with your far leg, feel a firm support from the ground, stop imperceptibly, and at this moment, with your far leg, unexpectedly kick the attacking opponent in the abdomen. Strike confidently and as hard as possible. This strike will push the opponent back and make them think, “Do I need to attack this strong man again!?”.



It is very important to stuff your legs, strengthen your skin and bones, and accustom your muscles to pain. Now on the street, low kicks have become fashionable, these are comfortable strikes to the lower body. The blow is applied to the region of the lower leg and thigh, providing a strong pain shock. The convenience of using low kicks on the street is that you can kick without fear of oncoming punches to your head. In real fights on the street, before I could get close to my opponent to land punches, my opponents had time to land one or two hits on my legs, these were fast low kicks. Low kicks help to distract the opponent and prevent an aggressive attack.


THE MOST EFFICIENT Kicks in Street Fights

If you plan on using your legs a lot, you can start by practicing two kicks, a straight kick to the stomach and a quick surprise kick to the shin - a low kick. At the same time, you must not forget that by kicking your opponent, you will make him want to kick you in response. Stuff your legs, accustom to pain and dexterity of action.


Disadvantages of using kicks in street fights.


In order to deliver a quality kick, you need to train from 3 to 7 years if the goal is a knockout. Kicking, in extreme circumstances, will require great distance and incredible dexterity to hit an opponent. It is very difficult to kick in close combat when the enemy is very close to you.

While boxing, the legs also learn to move. Boxing skills will help you move to the side during a kick to your legs when you are thrown a low kick. But, it will be better if you invite your friend to your house and ask him, in a "playful manner", to beat you with his feet. This will allow you to understand the essence of defensive actions against kick attacks. If possible, contact the kickboxing section. In kickboxing you will be given quick leg training lessons and street fighting skills.


Advantages of owning wrestling techniques.


In my understanding, wrestling, like boxing, has the title of "Royal Sport". A wrestler always inspires respect from the outside. Wrestling is identified with strength and endurance in humans. Therefore, sometimes it is enough to say that you were engaged in wrestling and many will discourage the desire to find fault with you. People have been wrestling since ancient times. Wrestling is in the blood of every person. In childhood, each of us wrestled with his father, brother, friend, in a playful manner. Therefore, we all know how, at least to resist in a “wrestling manner”. But, this is not enough to effectively use the wrestling skills in street fights. Wrestling skills will give a good result if you devote a significant amount of time and effort to training.

If we compare wrestling with boxing training, it can be noted that Punching is not a natural human movement. For this reason, training punches is much more difficult than learning some wrestling techniques. I recommend that you devote several months, or better years of your life, to the study of wrestling techniques. Judo, freestyle wrestling, sambo, jiu jitsu grepling has recently appeared many modern trends. In order to improve self-defense skills, you can try everything, understand which sport is closer to you, what works best.



Wrestling helps a lot when you are fighting one on one with your opponent. Recently, with the spread of MMA and in particular the UFC fights, chokeholds often began to be used on the streets. The choke hold is very convenient in some moments. I remember a girl who a guy wanted to rob. The guy snatched the purse from the girl and wanted to run away. The girl turned out to be agile, managed to grab the criminal from the back, and hold a choke hold on the neck. She kept him immobile for several hours until help arrived. In a fight, in order to immobilize your opponent, you can use a choke hold. The main thing is not to overdo it and loosen the grip in time.

WARNING: This technique is life threatening. Designed for emergencies.



By the way, in my time in 1990, 2000 and 2010, on the streets, my wrestling friends (freestyle wrestling, judo) did not use chokeholds. Wrestlers often used holds and "holds", or as they themselves said "tangling hands", this is when a wrestler manages to get on top of you and he begins to "tie" your hands, your hands get tired very quickly. And athletes practicing judo liked to use painful techniques.


Boxer vs judoka, what does a street fight look like?

In one fight, my friends, the master of sports in judo and the master of sports in boxing, were subjected to a painful hold on the arm (juji-gatame). This is one of those stories that will make you think. This fight allows you to understand an important point and draw conclusions before you yourself find yourself in a similar situation. Two of my friends from opposing gangs got into a one-on-one fight. The boxer is my good friend and sparring partner from a nearby boxing school, and the judo wrestler is my close friend. Both knew each other well, but the confrontation between them was principled. I will not describe the whole fight, but I will tell only about one moment. The boxer smashed the whole face of the judo wrestler, who could not do anything about it. At some point, the judo fighter enters a painful hold, grabs the boxer's hand and performs Juji-gatame. Boxer screams in pain. The judo fighter holds the position for a while and releases the boxer. The boxer stands up and starts beating the poor guy again, who, by all the rules, won. But, there are no rules on the street, and therefore, according to the street rules, the fight can continue until one of the opponents falls from impotence. The judo wrestler performs a successful juji-gatame submission again.

It is worth recognizing that 65% of boxers have weak arms, muscles are not adapted to the fight and prolonged isometric contraction. Modern boxers who use the high-speed Evnik in their training have hands several races tougher. This is due to the fact that during exercises with Evnik, the muscles are under strong tension for a long time, while simultaneously performing explosive muscle contractions. This allows you to significantly increase muscle endurance.

Let's get back to history. How will it end? Do you have time to think about what you would do if you were a boxer? Could you forgive a strong offense and let go of a judo fighter with a victory? As a judo wrestler, what would you do if you were hit every time you loosen your grip? The fight continues, the judo wrestler performs the second submission Juji-gatame and holds the boxer. The boxer screams in pain and hopelessness and almost cries. The judo wrestler, realizing that he cannot lie on the ground forever, releases the boxer again. The boxer rises from the ground and again rushes to the attack. The boxer beats the judo fighter for a long time, not giving him the opportunity to get closer. A judo wrestler, with the last of his strength, breaks through to the boxer and for the third time goes to the submission hold Juji-gatame!

This time, the judo fighter realizes that if he doesn't break the boxer's arm, the situation will repeat itself again. A judo wrestler, in order to win, must break his opponent's arm. Only at this moment, he realizes that wrestling on the carpet is not the same as in real life, in a real fight to win. He must do what he has never done. I remember how the guys shouted to him "Break your arm!". I and many others, fighters, were forced to maintain neutrality. We did not have the right to take sides, because tomorrow, we had to again be engaged in common affairs in the city.

No one knows the real reason why he didn't break his arm that day and come out victorious. At stake was the reputation on the streets of the city ...

On that day, many guys concluded that the street requires bold and decisive action. If you are not ready to break your opponent’s hand, and after that take full responsibility for what you have done, then in the future, do not count on some tricks, the quality of which you have been working on in the gym for years. In this regard, boxing is more versatile and allows you to win without fractures and such radical decisions that sometimes face judo fighters.

Of course, later, when the passion and anger subsided, I explained to my second friend, the boxer, that he lost that fight, in my eyes. “You screamed in pain and couldn't help it when your arm might have been broken. With a broken arm, you could become disabled. You would be forced to forget about boxing!”.

Drawbacks, Freestyle Wrestling, Judo, Grappling, Jiu Jitsu

In our case, when we consider self-training at home, wrestling sports such as Freestyle Wrestling, Judo, Grappling, Jiu Jitsu are not very suitable.

To learn wrestling skills, it is necessary to attend a specialized section and train with wrestlers. Fighting with a friend is unlikely to help. Clumsy, wrong movements (of your friend) will finally harm your wrestling abilities. Also, an untrained guy, with clumsy movements, can damage your eyes with his fingers, so fighting at home, "collecting sharp corners" with his head is a bad option.

In order to effectively train wrestling techniques, you need to learn techniques and be in constant contact with your wrestler partner and preferably under the supervision of a coach. You need to develop the right reflexes, defensive actions that can instantly turn into attacking actions. Mere strength will not help in the fight! In wrestling, dexterity, techniques brought to automaticity, a sense of balance are important.


Freestyle Wrestling Judo Grappling Jiu Jitsu Street Fight

In a street fight, Wrestling Judo Grappling Jiu Jitsu skills don't always help. The fact is that a large number of effective wrestling techniques, wrestlers get used to doing on soft mats. On the street, when you fight with a wrestler, you can see in your eyes that he doubts and does not know where to start the attack, especially if he sees how strong and fast your punches are. Wrestlers are also afraid of kicks, as their professional stance does not provide protection from punches and kicks.

Fighting in the street in a wrestling style, forcing the wrestler to have close contact with the opponent, this promises many problems. For example, if the opponent turns out to be physically stronger (and you are not a master of sports in wrestling), then your opponent will try to lean on you with all his weight and you may not be able to cope with him. You get such a picture, you got to fight with a heavier opponent, using the skills of Judo Grappling Jiu Jitsu, he fell on you and crushed you with a mass.


Even if you fight on the street with a wrestler of your level of training, this does not mean that you have a chance to win. For example, if your opponent, in addition to wrestling, at home, has been studying punches for several months, then he has a great chance of defeating you. At a distance, he will strike with his hand, until the moment you get close in melee. During the fight, he will also be more successful in punching, to the body and to the head.

The next disadvantage of using street wrestling techniques is the inability of a wrestler (of almost any skill level) to fight two opponents at once. As a rule, you fight with one person, and the second opponent interferes with you. On the street, wrestlers are defeated in the following way, one wrestles with the wrestler, and the second strikes his head with blows from the back and from the side. Due to the fact that 95% of the wrestlers have a weak head (glass chin), the wrestlers do not withstand many blows and give up.

Master Wrestling Judo Grappling Jiu Jitsu will not be able to perform a choke hold if he is fighting two opponents. The second opponent can always come to the aid of his friend. He just walks up and unhooks the choke hold. He can walk up to a prone wrestler and kick him (unfortunately everyone knows how to kick a prone person). On the street, you always need to be prepared for different non-standard situations. Bad guys can hit you in the head with a rock or a glass bottle. Wrestling is not suitable for a fight with a superior number of opponents.

Of course, these are all conditional models. Wrestlers are different, but if a wrestler cannot throw punches and kicks, he becomes more vulnerable in all the situations listed above. For example, boxing allows you to fight off even five opponents. With a certain preparedness and courage, you can defeat five attackers in an unequal battle. Fisticuffs allow you to attack from a distance and keep your opponents at bay.



Based on my personal experience, I highlight 8 benefits of mastering the skills of boxing, and successfully using them in various life situations:


1. Boxing will teach you how to control the body, legs and arms, in order to consolidate strength and deliver a knockout blow to an opponent. No martial arts in the world will teach you better than boxing how to properly use your body to deliver a devastating punch. If you are a boxer with a body weight of 90 Lbs, you can easily knock out an opponent weighing 150 Lbs, 200 Lbs and even 260 Lbs.

2. Boxing skills will help protect yourself and your family in situations where there is little space around. Boxing skills will help in case an attack occurs: in an elevator; on the staircase; in a situation if you find yourself in a dense crowd; if the attack occurs in a car, etc.

3. Boxing skills allow you to repel the attacks of several attackers on the street. Punches at a distance allow you to counter and defend yourself from several hooligans and bandits at the same time.

4. Boxing skills to help defend against attacks with a baseball bat and against a knife.

5. In addition to punching, speed and agility, training using the High Speed Evnik will make your arms strong, able to resist wrestling techniques. While boxing, the body acquires a sporty and sometimes even intimidating look of a fighter.

6. Unlike Wrestling Judo Grappling Jiu Jitsu and Karate, Boxing can be learned on your own at home. Minimal equipment required, saving money and time.


7. If you use the "Boxing At Home-Activate Your Genetic Talent" method, you completely avoid head injury, get the highest level of boxing skills.


8. Self-confidence, psychological resilience, cultivating the protector of the weak in oneself - all this can be nurtured in oneself with the help of the right approach to boxing training.


Why training at home is the best way to start boxing training (for self defense)?


The idea is that you can quickly and effectively improve your boxing skills at home to gain an advantage on the street in just a few months. Punching is your super effective foundation that will help you everywhere and in any situation.

After acquiring basic boxing skills, it is much easier to learn kickboxing, instill kicking skills. If your goal is to quickly and effectively improve your footwork, Kickboxing is the best way to learn. In Karate, a lot of time is devoted to traditions, it is not always suitable for quick learning.


By learning kickboxing, you will be able to test your hands in work, alternating punches and kicks. After that, you can go to the wrestling section for a couple of months in order to understand how to fight and not get confused if the enemy is on the street, grabbed your hands or clothes. I recommend, at least once in your life, to visit a trainer in Wrestling, Grappling, Jiu Jitsu

RECOMMENDATIONS: We are trained in boxing by the method "Boxing at Home - Activate Your Genetic Talent!"; After that, you can improve your kicking skills; Next, you can choose Wrestling, Grappling, Jiu Jitsu and master some of the skills. So, you become the best fighter on the street!



Watch this street fight.

This fight well demonstrates how 90% of guys and girls will behave in a similar situation. Note that in this street fight, everyone uses their hands to defend themselves and attack the enemy. There are a couple of strong pumped-up guys here, who, nevertheless, do not know how to hit punches and look weak. Guys' toned muscles tell us that guys want to look strong and athletic, but it's obvious that they've chosen the wrong training method to be really effective in a street fight.

We are witnessing a not serious, student brawl. But, you can find yourself a participant in a more brutal fight, for which you need to be prepared. Of course, try to avoid these and other more violent street fights. But, if something threatens your family, be ready to protect it with all your strength.


Just be prepared that in your life, three dangerous situations will happen that are out of your control. I know a lot of calm, overly kind people, but who also got into difficult and even terrible situations. Believe me, Life will test each of us for readiness to repel danger. Just be ready when that time suddenly comes.

Appreciate your life and others. Train to take care of your family and protect the weak. 




 Author: Rustam Saadvakass

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