The Quickest CHAMPION method

This method and exercises for children are introductory. This is the first step of acquaintance with the technology of activating the muscles which we suggest. One of the main goals of this method is to enhance the muscular reactions, to coordinate the muscles activity, to teach

the correct performance of exercises with Evnik. The main emphasis in “The Quickest CHAMPION” method is made on strengthening

the muscles of the arms and the shoulder girdle, developing the pectoral muscles and the back muscles.

These muscle groups play the key role in the further successful development of the whole body muscles. A developed shoulder girdle puts

the muscles of the corpus and the legs into activity much quicker making them somewhat “assist” at the moment of the (powerful and quick) activity of the arms. Moreover, a shoulder girdle developed beyond your child's years will help them to adapt to the loads presented in different sports quicker, helping the child to perform precise speed and quickness exercises more effectively.

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