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The Olympic set combines all the benefits that you can get using the Evnik-1 model and the Evnik-2 model!

Having two models in one set, you significantly speed up the process of your training.




Evnik-1 and Evnik-2 have been on the market for seven years, they have proven themselves well among boxers and other fighters practicing various martial arts.

Evnik -1, creates 12Lbs Elastic-Dynamic Load! Differs in the increased elasticity, provides a wide choice of exercises!

Evnik -2, creates 20Lbs Elastic-Dynamic Load! Differs in the increased rigidity, will strengthen and diversify approaches to training!


Evnik-1, First of all, coordinates the work of the entire neuromuscular system; creates new, more rational and stable muscle connections; Teaches muscles to quickly tense up and relax; increases the mass of fast-twitch muscles; Teaches to activate the elastic energy of tendons and ligaments; activates the nervous system; Activates fascia.

Evnik-2, significantly increases the load, mainly trains: Explosive strength; The strength of the primary impulse; Muscle relaxation skill during power-speed work!


The Olympic set allows a professional athlete to set himself a wide range of tasks and quickly achieve results.

  • Olympic set, designed for elite athletes: Boxing; Karate; MMA.
  • Warm up effectively and properly activate your nervous system with Evnik-1.
  • Pick up Evnik-2 and effectively train the strength of the primary impulse of punches: Jab; Cross; Hook; Uppercut.
  • Designed for Men
  • Predominantly trains fast-twitch muscles.
  • Particularly affects: Tendons and Ligaments; nervous system; Fascia.
  • Evnik-1 color Blue
  • Evnik-2 Color: Black
  • Evnik-1 and Evnik-2 each have 2 modes of operation: No. 1 Evnik technology; No. 5 "Hard Punch 2"
  • Non-slip handle surface.
  • Regular packaging.
  • Convenient, non-collapsible, integral design!
  • In the set Evnik 1 (2 pieces) Evnik 2 (2 pieces).

OLYMPIC set special price

$179.80 Regular Price
$143.84Sale Price
  • Exact information about the delivery in your country will be sent on your email

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