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EVNIK KIDS-1 High-Speed Punches:

(High-Speed Simulator EVNIK for Kids-1)

• Age: from 5 to 8

• Size: 11.5 cm by 15 cm (4.5 x 5.9 inches)

• Color: Turquoise 
Avoid heat exposure of the dumbbell. .


- Optimizing the function of your neuromuscular system;
- Forming new muscle chains from scratch and consolidating efforts;
- Adjusting the mechanism of deriving potential energy from your body;
- Improving the speed and reactivity of the neuromuscular apparatus;
- Improving the function of antagonistic and synergistic muscles;
- Increasing speed endurance;


The first familiarization of your child with Evnik technology should be started with EVNIK KIDS 1 or EVNIK KIDS 2 depends on age.
The primary task of this model of the dumbbell is to optimize the work of the entire neuromuscular system, coordinate the work of muscle groups in a new way, and form new muscle chains, which will allow you to use your body’s potential energy more rationally and make faster movements.

On the third day of using Evnik, you will feel that your body has changed, becoming more strong; you will clearly feel a boost of power - such is the effect of training the nervous system.


  • Design features of the dumbbell are protected by several patents and have no analogues in the world.


    For athletes EVNIK is interesting because it is actively developing explosive speed and muscle strength, coordination ability of the neuromuscular system (coordination), generates and develops technology shock, the amplitude-flapping!

    Makes the muscles to work in inferior mode (with instant transition to overcoming), on the one hand, it ensures their growth and ability (in the future) to withstand heavy loads, significantly reducing the risk of micro-trauma, and other developing reactive ability of the muscles, which increases the power and the effectiveness of the sports movement.
    And EVNIK the world's first dumbbell, which specialized exercises aimed at improving the work of the antagonist muscles (for example, flexors and extensors), which is very important in any sport.

    EVNIK is a revolutionary way to exercise muscles:
    1. Activation of the potential energy that is hidden in your muscles and tendons, it gives strength, power, speed.
    2. Learn to relax muscles, to save energy. Exercises with EVNIK remove excessive muscle tension, "liberate" your arms and shoulders, preparing them to play a more powerful and high-speed movements.
    Exercises versatile train leg muscles, body, shoulders, arms, neck, on the order of improving the coordination of their work. And stretching exercises for the arms and shoulder girdle to improve joint mobility, strengthens ligaments, muscle flexibility.

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