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4 Amazing Key Features, unrivaled and totally innovative:


•Revolutionary Speed and Speed Endurance Training: Evnik-3 introduces a groundbreaking approach to developing speed and speed endurance, targeting the critical attributes needed in boxing to outpace and outlast opponents.

•Revolutionary Load Placement: Evnik's innovative design places the weight above the fist, creating a unique ballistic loading effect. This trains wrist and forearm strength, enhances 33 muscles, and improves fist turning accuracy, speed, and impact. With the presence of this mechanism, you need to set new sports goals and strive for a knockout in battles!

•Enhanced Sensory Experience: Evnik-3 immerses you in the physics of boxing, providing dynamic and responsive weight feedback. Feel the device swiftly oscillate in response to your punches, gaining a deep understanding of timing, speed, power, and accuracy for optimal technique. Train smarter, not harder.

•Synergy Unleashed: Rubber + Evnik Technology Training Method: The combination of Evnik-3 and stationary rubber bands maximizes training benefits. It enhances strength and endurance with the rubber bands, while Evnik-3 focuses on developing explosive power and speed. This synergistic approach replicates real-fight demands, builds new muscle activations, and strengthens striking technique.

Unleash your boxing potential with Evnik-3's revolutionary features. Develop unmatched speed and endurance, enhance precision and power, immerse yourself in a unique sensory experience, and harness the synergy of rubber bands for explosive training. Train smarter, achieve greatness, and rise to new heights in the ring. Evnik-3: Ignite your boxing excellence.

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  • Achieve professional boxing skills quickly and efficiently, wherever you are - with the Evnik-3 High-Speed Simulator, the ultimate mobile boxing training solution powered by advanced technologies!


    Patented Design: Experience a groundbreaking innovation in boxing with the dynamic weight placed over the fist. This pioneering design allows the device to flex and bounce, creating a ballistic and dynamic workout experience. Enhance your wrist and fist control while improving the accuracy, speed, and power of your punches.


    Diverse Training Modes: The Evnik-3 offers a range of training modes, including Evnik Technology, Pro Skills, Shadow Boxing, Hard Punch, and Hard Punch 2. Each mode is specifically designed to target and train specific muscle groups, providing a professional boxing workout with analog-free exercise techniques.


    With the Evnik-3 High-Speed Simulator, you can now embark on your boxing journey with confidence, whether you're at home, at work, or any other location. Unleash your potential and elevate your boxing skills to new heights!

  • Comment 1:

    "Erik Algobek, the head coach of the national boxing team, is highly impressed with Evnik-3. Having led national teams in countries known for their boxing excellence, I can confidently say that this technology is unlike anything I've ever seen before! Evnik-3 is currently the most advanced innovation in boxing, allowing us to train speed and technique simultaneously. Our boxers from Maraca have immense physical strength, but they lacked proper technique and speed. It's incredible that we can now address both of these crucial components in a single workout with Evnik-3. Thanks to this remarkable device, we are preparing our athletes for the upcoming Olympics!"


    Comment 2:

    "Ruslan Sagitov, a boxing champion and the head coach of the national guard, as well as an esteemed trainer in hand-to-hand combat, is truly amazed by Evnik-3. Throughout my career, I have trained seven world champions in hand-to-hand combat, and two of them were trained using Evnik technology with the Evnik1 model. However, the Evnik-3 model is in a league of its own. During training, I incorporate both regular dumbbells and Evnik-3 to enhance speed. I firmly believe that with Evnik-3, I will guide dozens of athletes to championship belts! I have never come across anything as effective in the realm of boxing."

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