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Evnik-1 High Speed Simulator - SwiftPunch Trainer - Rapid-Fire Power Punches - Unleash Short-Distance Speed - Ultimate Boxing Training Aid! 


2 operating modes (ОМ)

The mode of operation (hereinafter OM), first of all, changes the center of gravity of Evnik's invention, in relation to the forearm, the working hand. The change in OM affects the specifics of exercises, changes the groups of working muscles, changes the direction of the acting forces, at the same time, the nature and strength of the load.


OM helps athletes train highly specialized skills, solve complex training problems and goals. Due to the fact that the Evnik-1 model has a one-piece, (not collapsible) design, 2 modes of operation are available. Below, you will get acquainted with the main, but not the only functions that are available in: OM №1; OM №5


ОМ №1 "Evnik technology"

ОМ №1  EVNIK 1 is in a position of 180 degrees in relation to the forearm.

In mode №1, practice speed, explosive muscle strength, elastic strength of tendons and ligaments. Coordinate and improve the phases of muscle contraction and relaxation (muscle antagonists and synergists). In addition, predominantly, increase the mass of fast (white) muscle fibers.

Each skill described above is of key importance in the preparation of an elite fighter. Special attention requires the skill of muscle relaxation and optimization of the nervous system. In this mode, the speed of muscle relaxation is trained, the transition of muscles from the phase of tension to relaxation and vice versa is improved, many times in 1 second.

This is critical to the development of the neuromuscular system of elite athletes. Evnik in OM №1, in just 5 seconds, will make the neuromuscular system perform more than 140 phases of muscle contractions. There is no such equipment in the world, not in sports, not in medicine, capable of engaging the neuromuscular system in such a complex way.

Evnik technology and mode №1, This is the first in the world - "Technology of muscle acceleration." In OM №1, coordination of the neuromuscular work of the entire shoulder girdle, arm muscles, shoulder muscles, pectoral muscles and back muscles is available. Relatively, to other methods in the world, Quickly and effectively, the speed and dexterity of movements increase. Many times, the speed and dexterity of the boxer's defensive actions increase.

In practice, it has been observed that Evnik is extremely useful for those who do not know how to properly relax their muscles during sparring and mitt work with a trainer. Uncontrolled muscle tone, severely limiting speed, explosive power, and punching technique cannot be perfect. If muscle tension constrains and burdens your movements, you lack speed and explosive strength, then you urgently need to have a coordinating effect on the neuromuscular system, this will be effectively done by Evnik, in mode №1.



OM №2 "PRO Skills" Not available.


OM №3 "Shadowboxing". Not available.

OM №3, the favorite position of boxers who do shadow boxing exercises. Despite the fact that the handle of the Evnik-1 model is not designed for this mode of operation, nevertheless, boxers continue to perform shadow boxing exercises in this position.


We recommend: For a full-fledged performance of the “Shadowboxing” exercises, it is better to purchase the EVNIK-EDL3500 model, where the center of gravity, in OM № 3, moves high above the boxer's fist and is 90 degrees relative to the forearm. The patented handle of the Evnik-edl3500 model has a specially arranged operating mode № 3, which provides a comfortable grip, allowing you to apply great effort, work out all the necessary strikes and combinations, feints and deceptive movements.


ОМ №4 "hard punch" Not available.



OM №5 "Hard Punch 2"

OM №5 Evnik 1 touches the forearm of the hand tightly (a small degree of deviation from the forearm is possible).In OM №5, we train hard the technique of the fist and hand, while delivering a quick blow.

In this mode of operation, fighters can successfully test and simultaneously improve "Punch Speed", "Explosive Muscle Power", "Punch Mass Reset - Punch Accent".


Primary Goal: To train primary momentum and explosive punching power. Carry out Training of a fist turn in boxing, train the muscles of the forearm. Ultimate goal: improve mass release and not lose kinetic power, (in the final phase of the punch). This test is aimed at overcoming the resistance provided by the Evnik design. In OM №5, Evnik has a sharp degree towards the forearm. In this position, Evnik-1 is difficult to bend while working. Insufficient speed (hand strike), as a result, accumulates a small amount of kinetic energy in the upper part of the Evnik (weight), which ultimately makes it impossible for the device to bend around the handle and fist. The goal of the trainee is to increase the momentum of force, (due to acceleration and explosive power) to give the punch a greater speed, learn to accumulate a greater amount of kinetic energy.


50% Evnik-1 High Speed Simulator - SwiftPunch Trainer - Rapid-Fire Power Pun

$79.99 Regular Price
$40.00Sale Price
  • What skills does Evnik-1 train?

    • Starting speed 45%
    • Elastic strength of muscles and tendons + 100%
    • Speed and power of a short punch (Hand Swings) from 1-5 inches: +70%
    • Speed & Agility + 65%
    • Punching speed in boxing + 35%;
    • Speed endurance + 75%;
    • Explosive Strength + 65%;
    • Motor skills 100%


  • Evnik-1 has been on the market for seven years and has proven itself among boxers and other fighters practicing various martial arts.

    New type of sports load "Elastic-Dynamic Load (EDL)" +2500%. That amounts to over 12Lbs Elastic-Dynamic Load!

    • Evnik-1 is designed for elite athletes: Boxing; Karate; MMA.

    • Effectively train your speed: Jab; Cross; Hook; Uppercut.

    • Designed for Men and Women.

    • Primarily trains fast muscle fibers.

    • Particularly affects: Tendons and Ligaments; nervous system; Fascia.

    • Color: Blue.

    • Evnik-1 has 2 operating modes: 1 Evnik technology; 2 PRO Skills - Unavailable. 3 Shadow Boxing - Unavailable. 4 Backgammon Punch - Unavailable. 5 "Hard punch2" (Evnik lies on the forearm), designed for martial arts.

    • Non-slip handle surface.

    • Regular packaging.

    • Evnik-1, The best gift for the whole family.

    • Comfortable, not collapsible, lots of exercise available!

    •2 pieces in a set

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