Practicing punches on the punching bag with EVNIK

for development of PUNCH POWER

pic. 1a

pic. 1

1. Take a stance (either southpaw or orthodox), as shown in Pic.1b, and get ready to produce a hook on the punching bag with your further or the front hand.

2. Grip the "EVNIK Speed Punches" with your hand, as shown in Pic.2.
3. The dumbbell must be gripped in the hand in the way so that the weighty part of the EVNIK touches your forearm, as shown in Pic.3.
4. Throw a few punches on the punching bag with your fist, as shown in Pic.4, fast enough to make the "EVNIK Speed Punches" bend back and smack the surface of the punching bag, creating a distinctive smacking sound.

pic. 2

pic. 3

pic. 4

NOTE: our goal is to punch the bag with the fist, but hard enough to make Evnik swing and hit the punching bag with its weighty part. Make sure the handlebar of the simulator does not spin in your hand. Evnik must hit the bag due to spanning

pic. 5

Without the proper acceleration, the emphasis at the end of the punch, and the correct position of the hand, the forearm, and the shoulder, as shown in Pic.5, Evnik will not swing or hit the bag.
This is the key advantage of using this punch performing technique. This technique will teach you to perform technical and powerful punches. You will hear a smacking sound once the dumbbell hits the bag.

From the first day of training, get used to this sound. A smacking sound is like a coach prompting you and correcting your technique, giving you instant feedback.
The louder the sound is, the better the punch is. Create your own sound of power!

Practicing punches on the punching bag with EVNIK

for the development of PUNCH WHIPPING ACTION

pic. 6b

pic. 6a

1.Take a stance (either southpaw or orthodox), as shown in Pic.6b, and get ready to produce the punches on the punching bag with your further or the front hand.
2. Grip the "EVNIK Speed Punches" with your hand, as shown in Pic.7a.
3. Throw a few punches on the punching bag with the weighty part of the EVNIK, as shown in Pic.7b-7c, fast enough to produce a distinctive smacking sound.
4. You can throw the punches at any angle. It is a universal method designed to develop the whipping action for an explosive punch.
5. Start this exercise with a wide range of windup, and, in the course of time, try and do the punches almost from the rest position (without windup). This way you will feel the specific impact of the simulator on your muscles and coordination abilities.

pic. 7a

pic. 7b

pic. 7c

NOTE: our goal is to develop maximum speed at the climax of the punch by increasing the whipping action. Your muscles must be completely relaxed. Position your hands as you like to feel comfortable. For the purpose of this exercise imagine that Evnik is your open palm, and that you are trying to slap somebody on the face. Produce this “strike of jealousy” at ease, but with rage. This way it will be fast, sudden and whippy

Without proper acceleration and emphasis at the end of the punch, Evnik will not produce a smacking sound once its weighty part hits the punching bag. From the first day of training, get used to this sound. A smacking sound is like a coach prompting you and correcting your technique giving you instant feedback. The louder the sound is, the better the punch is. Create your own sound of power!

pic. 8

Work on a punching bag. The Best Hook.​

The task in this workout is to develop the most powerful movement with a minimum distance from the goal. This is an important element since in real combat the hand is often near the opponent, but the athlete at this moment is not able to inflict a quick and strong punch, because the muscles are not able to develop a powerful movement from such a small distance. This workout will help you to develop the correct technique of movement and to understand the whole essence of a whipping punch at a neuro-muscular level.


Note how Anzha Saadvakass, before punching a punching bag, first touches it with her Evnik. Thus, we accurately determine the distance to the target and more effectively train to punch from a short distance.


Watch for the strength of the clap, since it tells you, about the quality of your punch. There is an inscription "Create your Sound of Power!" on  Evnik, this means that the louder you are able to knock out clap, the more accentuated and powerful your punch is.


How to train:
1. Stand in front of the bag as you can only hit it with the simulator, you do not need to touch the bag with your hand. Thus, you get used to stretch to the opponent and deal the longest punch, which is incredibly important for the fighter.

2. Lean the dumbbell as is shown in the video, and make a single side punch, watch for the clap, your first task is to knock out a single clap as loud as possible. The first time, do not move your feet forward, backward, sideways, stand still, but feel how your feet begin to assist the movement of the hand by scrolling in place, with the emphasis on the toes.

Note: The more powerful you will hit a bag, the greater will be the participation in the movement of the legs and body. It is important not to miss this moment when your body begins to get involved, it is necessary to pick up this movement. Evnik will help you to feel the principle of movement, in which you maximally accumulate your potential/elastic energy and invest it, in the form of a power boost to the shock.

3. As soon as you manage to do 12 punches in a row, and in each of them you hear a characteristic clap, you can involve the legs, in terms of movement to the sides. After one or two punches, move to the side, such work you need to do for two weeks, after you feel the strength, just add a double punch to your arsenal, as shown in the video.

The main thing when applying a double punch is not to shift the force to the first or second punch, make each punch as a separate one with the same effort, first concentrate on the first punch if the first punch turned out to be weak (there was no clap) then the second one do not need to be applied.

Work on a punching bag. Training of the antagonistic muscles.​

This workout is aimed at training two important skills, both physically and technically.

First of all, we accustom the muscles to work in the mode of maximum loads. Do not think that Rush Saadvakass is doing an easy job. Believe me, no one boxing world champion will be able to work with the Evnik as skillfully as he does, it's really very difficult. It is much easier to transfer the load, using obsolete dumbbells or ropes. 
"EVNIK Speed Punches" exposes the muscles to great stress, loads the nervous system, and involves more muscle units in the work. That's why the first period your hand will get tired quickly. At the moment( around the world) only "EVNIK Speed Punches" instills the ability to work in such a mode, where are maximized high-speed, power, speed-endurance skills, and is instilled the ability of explosive work of the muscles.

Second of all,  the athlete shows us how you can train the antagonistic muscles. Hitting the punching bag with the backside of the palm, we accustom the antagonistic muscles to control the hand after the punch. This allows you to return to the rack more correctly after the attack, without failing "under the opponent." It improves protective actions and instills resistance, as the muscles "stabilizers" are actively involved.


In general, the entire shoulder girdle becomes more powerful, and the punch technique is more perfect. The video shows how clearly the hand moves, the positions of the hand, elbow, and forearm are rigidly fixed.

By the way, nothing prevents after this workout, in a real fight, to twist the wrist, so to not make a vertical punch (with the vertical position of knuckles). Our sportsmen always use this ability. 
The dumbbell grafts basic, properly measured technique, but in the process of striking in real combat, it is possible to "rotate" the wrist and forearm to fit your individual requirements, it does not lead to loss of developed strength.

This is a truly unique workout, which we propose for building more modern training.

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