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This training system will let you acquire the professional boxing skills

within the nearest time.

When analyzing the history of sports we can see that it often happens that sportsmen have “only one perfect skill” in their arsenal of abilities,

a “leading blow” – a stroke, a move, or a fake, which successfully leads them to big achievements. In theory, one can declare that if you improve the technique of at least one of your moves and make this move “better than anyone on the planet”, you have all the chances

to become “invincible”.


From this perspective, our training system will make you do your best to develop each of your skills as if each of your skills were to become perfect.

I’ve seen your sportsmen moving and boxing.

I believe in your training system.

Can you please tell me about these blocks?




The training system consists of three blocks:

Training for ARMS

Training for LEGS

Training for CORE

All the three blocks contain special techniques which are responsible for development of the specific movement skills. 

BLOCK-1 contains the techniques responsible fortraining of arms. BLOCK-2 contains those responsible for training of legs, and BLOCK-3 contains those responsible for training of corpus.


The blocks help orientate oneself in the training system and plan one’s development.

As if being in the computer game, you go to “BLOCK-1” and choose the necessary “weapon” for yourself in the form of these or those hand blows. Then you go to “BLOCK-2” and choose the maneuverability, using the technique for development of a specific skill for legs work etc. 


Such an approach allows to “pimp” oneself from the needed side quite quickly.

Each sportsman is aware of their strong and weak sides.

Now, they can go to the necessary block and choose the necessary skill, solving their main task.


Now you don’t need to rack your brains on accomplishing such a difficult task as boxing and perfect the boxing technique several

hours each day during long years. Now you just need to do the exercises 12-15 minutes a day and the boxing skills will appear

in your movements themselves. 
Sure, you will need more time for a proper training, but the time stated will be enough for the beginning of mastering the suggested technique. 


This is the way we manage to instill consummate boxing skills in our children yet by 6

Wow, cool! It suits me!

And what additional problems does your training system solve?

We often get feedback from the professional sportsmen engaged in different kinds of sports such as: MMA, Thai boxing, kickboxing, taekwondo, kung fu etc. Many of them do not plan to become boxers, but would like to learn to work with the hands at the highest level.


They like our training system very much because:


• It gives a quick result in acquiring boxing skills with the best technique guaranteed, which was admitted in our sportsmen by such legendary boxers as Mike Tyson , Ronda Rosy, and many others.


• Exercises done with the use of the Evnik simulator can be easily integrated into the basic training program of most kinds of sports

and are not time consuming. In any, even the most intensive mode of training, you can always find 3 spare minutes to perform

high intensity exercises with Evnik.


• Evnik allows to save a lot of energy due to the previously described principle of effect on the human body. The sportsman works out with total efficiency overcoming their own speed records, but spends less power and energy. It is an optimal “formula” for modern fighters. For a smaller amount of time and energy spent, the fighter acquires an improved movement skill.

Training for CORE

Training for LEGS

Training for ARMS

«The best HOOK»

An original training technique for all the key muscle groups involved in throwing a hook punch




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