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EVNIK PRO High-Speed Punches

Generally, there are three stages in learning to BOXING. First, you need to learn the techniques. Second, you need to focus on obtaining specific physical skills including speed, strength, dexterity and agility, and endurance. Third, work in pairs and spar. The revolutionary "EVNIK PRO Speed Punches" was created by boxing and Guinness world record coach, and multi-patent holder Rustam Saadvakass along with his unique method. Today, using the Evnik, you can complete the first two steps in learning to fight without leaving your home or office! And the quality of the training techniques, strength, and striking speed supersede the quality of classic athletes' training. Through Research, "EVNIK Speed Punches" is used by national boxing teams, Karate clubs, MMA, UFC. Of course, if you can, it's best to combine the Evnik training at home with attending standard fighting classes. At least to get used to specific atmosphere of a boxing ring and, of course, to demonstrate your skills obtained using the Evnik. The Evnik can't be replaced when considering how it can polish your striking technique, reinforce the main body positions that are used in professional boxing, as well as increasing your speed, strength, reflexes, and even your senses. Nothing is better than the quality and rate of learning that you can get from using the Evnik and its method!

  • The Evnik creates LOADS from 1 to 10 LBS! If you remember the laws of physics, MASS + SPEED = KINETIC ENERGY (Figure 2)! While moving the EVNIK PRO Speed Punches, it accumulates and simultaneously releases kinetic energy! Oscillating motion from side to side increases the weight of the EVNIK by 25 times up to 4, 8, 10 LBS! Evnik replaces dumbbells weighing 2; 3; 4; 5; 6; 7; 8; 9 and 10 LBS!

  • EVNIK PRO Speed Punches – BOXING, for champions! Evnik is a home or office workout (Figure 5)! It's a workout designed to train your EXPLOSIVE ARM STRENGTH INCLUDING: SPEED HOOK, SPEED JAB, SPEED UPPERCUT, and SPEED CROSS! The Evnik will train muscle coordination in your arms, shoulders, body, and legs making your movements QUICK and DEXTEROUS from scratch!

  • COMPARISON: When you train with normal, iron dumbbells or resistance bands, you push or pull weight. As a rule, these exercises improve slow strength. On the other hand, using the Evnik PRO, we train your EXPLOSIVE dynamic STRENGTH and develop your SPEED and AGILITY! Muscles grow quicker! The US patent proves that his technology is unique.

  • The technology was created by PROFESSIONAL BOXING TRAINERS. The method is used by national boxing teams of KAZAKHSTAN, Karate clubs, MMA, UFC! Guinness record holders love the Evnik! Evnik lets you set speed records!

  • The set includes: EVNIK PRO Speed Punches (Evnik1) Blue color 1 pc. in the package + instructions for use + Link to video with exercises. 10-year warranty. 100% environmentally friendly! (Service life over 50 years!)

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