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The «Freeway» from Saadvakass family is a sports station 
for developing intellectual, coordination, explosive and fine motion abilities!

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  • Developing your coordination;

  • Improving your visual abilities;

  • Training your accuracy;

  • Fostering your attention;

  • Improving your explosive abilities substantially;

  • Improving coordinated work of your legs, body and arms;

  • Improving the fine motor skills of your explosive movements;

  • Studying professional boxing movements

When we follow the clearly specified circles on the «Freeway», we do not only develop the coordination and speed of our legs, body, and arms. First of all, we establish interconnection between our mental processes and actuating links of our neuromuscular system. 
For example, if you close your eyes and perform the same leg movements you do when running on the «Freeway», you will primarily train your motor skills. 
When we look at the circles we have to run along quickly and, most importantly, accurately, we specify a task for our neuromuscular system each time, step by step. We look at the circles, set the task and only then we accomplish it improving interconnection between thinking reactions and actuating mechanisms! We develop and enhance our neural networks in the brain cortex, enhance the functioning of neural transmitting networks and improve our motor skills thus achieving high speeds!

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