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1000 years of fitness evolution

FasNers'Y - Quicken Fascia! 

Tell me how healthy your fasciae are and I'll tell you how healthy you are.

"The fascia is a system for organ stabilization and mechanical body regulation,” (Varela & Frenk, 1987). Understanding of it can fundamentally change your perceptions of fitness. 
Thomas Myers, MD

«The physical reaction to emotion travels through the myofascial tissue. The fascia is the body of emotion." 
R. Louis Shultz & Rosemary Feitis

Use the EVNIK technology and do the FasNers Y exercises. Learn to feel how your “Invigorated Fasciae” work and function in order to get a new understanding of your healthy self and to better your body and psyche.  
Rustam Saadvakass


FasNers Y - 004 - ORIG 90x79.png

Quicken Fascia!

  • Healthy Fasciae! World's first super-effective method of fasciae development! 

  • First in the world of athletics! Train two sets of antagonist muscles with one movement! Improve your bodily proportions!

  • Time-saver! A 12-minute session can be run at in the comfort of your home or outdoors, with the Evnik.

  • Vibrations! Healthy vibrations from muscle work are more effective than mechanical vibrations generated by electric massagers.

  • Two videos, two modes!

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Creator of the Evnik, author of the high-speed training technique, coach of the national boxing team, holder of multiple patents. 

Rustam Saadvakass

Dear friends! Our family has jointly developed the Quicken Fascia complex we’re talking about today. It incorporated the effectiveness of world-renowned Evnik technology. By doing the exercises you will master the training techniques of this one-of-a-kind device. Exercising with Evnik will allow you to increase the speed of muscle contractions, improve muscle coordination, and strengthen your muscles. Maintaining the proper technique while using Evnik boosts the nervous system and enhances the reflexes associated with tendon and muscle control.  


The exercises will restore the normal functioning of your tendons and fasciae, which is key to your present and future healthy self! Since fasciae contain ten times more proprioceptors compared to muscles (Myers, 2011) the exercises invigorate all of the bodily systems. Training with Evnik helps rid the body of the adverse and stagnant leftovers such as muscle tension, stiffness of the fasciae, anxieties, and latent strains. The complex has visible restorative effects on the body.   

The complex will lay a strong foundation for further development of such attributes as strength, speed, dexterity, speed endurance, flexibility, and others. 

All our creations are filled with love and care. For us, each customer is a kindred spirit, partner, and friend! Please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions.   

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Training using the Evnik techniques helped me win a bronze medal at the World Traditional Wushu Championship at the age of 15. I am a member of the national boxing team and hold the world record for fastest punching speed. 

Anzha Saadvakass 

Greetings, all! Allow me to introduce myself: I am the author of the Quicken Fascia complex. This training is intended for people whose lives are full of drive and fun.  Quicken Fascia will energize and rejuvenate you, and fill you with vigor. The exercises of this complex were developed with people of today in mind, and the people of today don't have the time to go to gyms and similar hassle. The training sessions will fit nicely into your daily routine and not take much time. Trust me, I know how difficult it is to find time for workouts when you have lead an incredibly busy life.

In our digital age, we can't afford to neglect our physical well-being. But we also shouldn't ignore the training that improves our mental well-being! 
With Quicken Fascia you will realize how much happier and driven you can become. The training will unleash your hidden energy reserves that you will learn to tap into!
The Evnik and the specially developed set of "Quicken Fascia" will open a whole new world of training for you! I consider the exercises following the Evnik Technique to be a way of life.
So I invite you into the world of that training! These are the workouts that our whole family adores!


I've been training using the Evnik techniques since childhood and, thanks to that, I've managed to achieve tremendous success! I won a boxing championship and became a world record holder for fastest punching speed. 

Selyavira Saadvakass

Hello there! I am the co-author of the Quicken Fascia method and I am thrilled to be with you at this training session!
Today I will be your personal coach! 
I'm eagerly awaiting the moment we will commence the session and immerse ourselves into the world of unparalleled movements!

Write to us about your first session with Quicken Fascia. Anzha and I are always ready to assist and advise you and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have! 

Our email is

FasNers Y - 004 - ORIG 90x79.png

Quicken Fascia

IMPORTANT: Exercises require a EVNIK-1 PRO (Blue)

New FasNers'Y Fitness based to the EVNIK technology!

FasNers'Y is a set of original exercises for home workouts. These exercises are special because, for the first time in history, workouts are paired with development and reinvigoration of the FASCIAE, along with healthy VIBRATIONS! With one movement (literally) of the arm, a plethora of positive effects is unleashed upon your body, healing it and strengthening it!


By our estimations, 98% of people suffer from Muscle Disproportionality, which leads to their forms being unattractive. The disproportionality affects the joints, connective tissues, muscles, and tendons. Without specialized training regiments, the athletic people squander the potential of their health. It is widely known that professional athletes are damaged through and through. In general, sport makes people healthy, helps develop the respiratory, cardiovascular, nervous, and other systems. But unfortunately, there are also issues associated with it whose effects are cumulative. This is not the case for FasNers Y, however, because with one swing we strain two paired sets of muscles and develop them simultaneously and evenly. This method of powerful, active, and graceful muscle strengthening, posture improvement, and body shaping already brings joy to hundreds of our customers!


Exercises with “EVNIK" also have a beautifying effect! The secret is in the effect they have on the inner elastic skin layers and the deep-seated fasciae! Muscle tone, graceful muscle proportions, elastic and firm skin, healthy tendons, and restoration of joint mobility — even this isn’t a complete list of all the benefits of this exercise series!

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