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Impact Booster "EVNIK Speed Punches" is a Comprehensive Solution for Exercising Your Abs! 

Try to think of another training tool which can help you to exercise your abs so efficiently. Look: the abs are almost jumping out of the body and oblique abdominal muscles, back, arms, and even legs are exercised at the same time. 


This workout makes it easier to deliver blows from the upright position and in a real fight, your movements become more powerful due to body twisting! Impact movements are accompanied by an exhale which means that lungs are conditioned. Athletes learn how to accentuate their movements impacts so that explosive strength is boosted. 


Do not forget that "EVNIK Speed Punches" has been specially designed to release potential energy hidden in your muscles and ligaments. It is the release of energy which makes all movements in this video look powerful, high speed is achieved and the body’s explosive strength and impact strength are demonstrated. 


Do you know a better way to exercise your abs? 

"Jumping abs with EVNIK"

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