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Our method trains striking techniques based on the principle of Elastic Ballistics.
The mantra here is simple: HIT, DON'T PUSH.
With home practice, you'll unleash strikes that are not just powerful but monumentally impactful.
**What makes a champion's strike extraordinary?**
In 'Elastic Ballistics,' we concentrate on these pivotal elements of powerful strikes:
Mass Release: Cultivate strength and energy throughout your body, channeling this force into potent punches. Grasping the dynamics of your body's mass and kinetic energy is vital to amplify the power behind your strikes.
Accent: It's the secret ingredient that elevates the force of your punch, heightening precision and devastation.
Control of Muscle Phases: The art of muscle control is in the timing—knowing when to tense for solidity and when to relax for swift, unexpected strikes, enhancing endurance significantly. That's why it's essential to hone this skill from the onset of your training.
Presently, no other method can swiftly instruct a boxer in body weight control, powerful punch delivery, and rapid muscle contraction and relaxation—skills traditionally taking years to develop.
But 'Elastic Ballistics' cuts down that time dramatically.


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