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SAADVAKASS Boxing: Train Smarter, Punch Harder!

"Formula: Overcome Limits!"
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Master the Art of Devastating Punches: Explore Elastic Ballistics!

"Discover 'Formula: Overcome Limits!' Train Smarter, Punch Harder!"

Overcome Velocity Limits - Activate explosive speed!

Overcome Stiffness - Catapult Your Punches!

Rubber&Evnik: Unleash Power with Pinpoint Accuracy!"

Overcome Perception Barriers - Heighten Your Boxing Senses!

S A A D V A K A S S  B O X I N G

Unprecedented Velocity. Impeccable Reliability.

Revolutionizing Boxing Training: The Uniqueness of Our Method

The concept of high punch volume per workout is revolutionizing the way we approach boxer training! At SAADVAKASS, the uniqueness of our method extends beyond simply increasing the number of punches in a workout. What truly sets us apart is the remarkable transformation each punch undergoes through our Elastic Ballistics training. Each punch trained in this method is perfected in form, technique, speed, strength, and efficiency, ultimately focusing on enhancing knockout skills.


Our method combines essential training principles in boxing, allowing us to reduce training time while significantly increasing the volume of strikes. We enable boxers to continuously improve their knockout skills and quickly develop control over the kinetic mass of impact. To top it off, our invention, Evnik, ensures rigorous quality control throughout the training process, providing enhanced guidance and support for boxers and coaches alike.


Experience the revolutionary approach to boxing training that optimizes performance, maximizes results, and elevates your knockout skills to new heights. Join us on this transformative journey towards becoming a knockout specialist.

Insights from Legendary Trainer Freddie Roach

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In an interview with legendary trainer Freddie Roach, he revealed that top fighters like Manny Pacquiao often threw about 1,500 punches in a single workout.

Roach emphasized the importance of high-volume punching in Pacquiao's success inside the ring.

What is the Uniqueness of the Method?

At SAADVAKASS, we have revolutionized the concept of high-volume punching with our unique training method, Elastic Ballistics. Our method takes it to a whole new level, allowing you to unleash an incredible 6,000-12,000+ Elastic-Ballistic punches per workout, depending on your level of training. Even beginner boxers can achieve 6,000 punches per workout. The ballistic nature of these punches significantly amplifies kinetic energy, enhancing technique, speed, and strength, resulting in a more refined and powerful boxing training experience!

Unlock Your Explosive Speed!

Overcome speed limits - activate explosive speed in just 12 minutes! Perform 1600 Elastic-Ballistic Hits from close range! Learn how to deliver devastating blows from the spot, unleashing incredible power without the need for movement.

Rubber&Evnik: Unleash Power with Pinpoint Accuracy!"

Overcome Endurance Limits - Unleash Round-Ending Power in just 6 minutes! With the Rubber&Evnik method, aim for 270 powerful and precise punches.

Use the Principle of
Elastic Ballistics!

Overcome Stiffness - Catapult Your Punches in just 10 minutes! Unleash the dynamic power of the Elastic Ballistics method with 1000 punches!

Enhanced Sensory Experience!

Overcome barriers of perception - Sharpen your boxing senses!
Experience the full power of Evnik's patented technology, offering 7 unique ways to expand your sensory experience!

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