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The Best HOOK method

"Most of us don’t like to pick a fight and do not endorse violence. Yet when the moment calls for decisive actions, the special skills we have acquired through our training with EVNIK will surely come in handy. I have five daughters for whom I’ve created a universal defense tool which is always with them in the form of boxing skills. Condition your body with the help of EVNIK and see for yourself how effective it can be for your training". Rustam Saadvakass



The "Best Hook" method includes exercises designed to efficiently develop your muscular system in a specific way while improving coordination and activating rarely trained and thus underdeveloped muscles, as well as increasing the effectiveness of your movements.


When performing the exercise complex "Colibri" you will actively involve chest, shoulder, and arm muscles, affectively increasing their speed and power. The complex "Fencer" includes exercises performed in an unstable equilibrium position, involving the above-mentioned muscle groups as well as the adjacent muscles of your legs and body. This contributes to the development of intramuscular coordination, increases muscle strength and endurance in awkward body positions, improves your sense of balance, and trains vestibular apparatus. Both your core and back muscles, as well as your body as a whole, are getting activated while becoming more powerful and capable in transmitting energy from your feet to your hands.

Not a boxing fan? We are confident you will still find the "Best Hook Method" useful. We have worked hard to make sure that anyone, regardless of their fitness level, can benefit from the conditioning effects of our method, and, as an added bonus, develop boxing skills while saving a trip to the gym.

Learn how to make the "Best Hook" method correctly,
with detailed help of every exercise with Anzha Saadvakass

If you learnt all exercises,

you can train with Rush Saadvakass video.

Train the "Best Hook" Method

with UFC fighter Veronica Macedo

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