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How to use EVNIK

EVNIK helps you quickly, efficiently and relatively easily master modern boxing techniques!
Take EVNIK-1, EVNIK-2, EVNIK-EDL3500 in your hands! Just show off your favorite punches by doing the best exercise in the world, Shadow Boxing. Evnik will turn every punch into a knockout!
"Shadow-Boxing Evnik".

With Evnik, the usual "Shadow Boxing" turns into the most unique fighting exercise in the world!
Use EVNIK and make your "shadow boxing" more effective by 100%, 200% and even 300% percent!
With each punch you increase the speed, the load on the muscles changes, up to 10Lbs, 20Lbs, 25Lbs and more!
In a relatively short time, become FASTER, INCREASE EXPLOSIVE STRENGTH, SPEED ENDURANCE - BE SUCCESSFUL THAN YOUR COMPETITORS. Evnik is the best equipment in the world for training the forearm and shoulder, any boxer who uses Evnik in their daily training will confirm this.

Use Evnik to train SPEED and Agility.

As you know, speed and explosive strength training is quite limited. Scientists believe that speed and explosive strength are hereditary factors and are related to innate ability. Evnik technology is changing our understanding of human potential. Learn how "The world's first high-speed technology - Evnik" works! Increase hand speed by 65% or more!

TRAIN and develop FAST MUSCLE FIBERS with EVNIK. Improve your muscle relaxation skills! Coordinate muscle phases of tension and relaxation! Today, for the first time in the history of sports, this has become possible!

use for Increase
Evnik creates an elastic-dynamic load on the muscles of the arms, shoulders and back.
Train with Evnik to increase your explosive power, she will bring you closer to mastering the knockout punch.
Explosive power affects important skills: punching technique; Knockout punching power; and overall endurance. 
Evnik technology combines: Plyometrics; Impact Method (Professor Verkhoshansky); Stato-Dynamics from Professor Siluyanov. And a method from the Saadvakass family, which in a special way activates: The nervous system; Tendons and ligaments; Fast-twitch muscles; Fascial system! All this contributes to the development of explosive muscle strength!
Use Evnik to improve your speed endurance.

Land more fast and discouraging blows.
By training fast muscle fibers and building high-quality muscle mass, increase the speed endurance of the hands,
Deliver more series, hit more punches, take your victory from your opponent, due to effective speed endurance training!

Due to the fact that Evnik moves according to the "pendulum" principle, Evnik quickly and strongly activates the Antoganist and Agonist muscles, synergistic muscles. The involved muscles contract quickly, strongly and most importantly for a long time, dozens of contractions in 1 second!

Thus, speed endurance increases! The amazing thing is that you do not waste your time on special, additional exercises to improve speed endurance. You keep practicing your knockout punches while training your speed and strength endurance!!! This is an exceptional benefit!

Use Evnik to increase the ELASTIC energy of the ligaments and tendons.
Spend less metabolic energy. Learn to use the strength and elasticity of your tendons to increase the power, speed, and snap of your punch. Spend less energy, get better results, EVNIK will help you reach a new level of your body's capabilities.
Evnik quickly and effectively activates your potential energy! This is our discovery! It turns out that a boxer can use elastic and potential energy at the time of direct punches! We can imagine how to use the elastic energy at the moment of a side impact. But, there is no technology in the world that teaches a fighter to use elastic energy at the moment of direct punches!!! Throw jab and cross, add springy energy, increase speed and explosive power of adara!




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